Akafuji Slot «Super Mega Big Win» Better than Jackpot, Fortune King Deluxe 2c Denom Slot Machine

Akafuji Slot «Super Mega Big Win» Better than Jackpot, Fortune King Deluxe 2c Denom Slot Machine

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Akafuji Slot:

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  1. Damb you lucky!! Do you ever lose??

  2. whats this garbage??

  3. BTW, nice bonus hits.

  4. Who is the woodpecker? You said he sit by you…. A good luck piece or player who calls himself wood pecker? Or…lol ??

  5. I swear you're the luckiest person ever!

  6. Lucky impatient bitch

  7. Oh i thought you are men fuji..

  8. You are the luckiest person I know!!!

  9. Okay u won 2,200 count all those time you wins too plus those time you losses ? Anyone ever get rich on playing slots let me know ??? Cause I used to be high roller at slot between 23 and 28 lost 10g in about an hour doing between 10$ to 100$ s spin no luck yeah ?? Fuck that now I only come with 100 or 200$ play for fun .. hey gambling isn't a good way for anyone to count on it .. well dude u had a good winning streak there but I don't recommend anyone on Gambles for a living!

  10. why you say woodpecker??

  11. Great win, nice video. Good luck!

  12. very nice…keep those videos coming.

  13. Congrats. You pretty much print your own money on that machine.

  14. Woodpecker lmao…I love watching your videos. So how does one become a great slot player? Be rich first? lol

  15. Great wins!! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  16. You always have such great luck!

  17. Yay!!!!

  18. Someone that is hitting spin button loudly and fast.

  19. You're the woodpecker! J/K lol

  20. So many bonuses. Such a nice $2196.02 total win. You are such a lucky lady to win so much on so many games. I think the "woodpecker" was tap tap tapping because it was jealous of you. Very good video, Akafuji.

  21. Great video!

  22. Great wins! Yes, better than a jackpot!

  23. I really enjoy your videos. You play within my budget so I enjoy seeing the 100x + bets that can happen. Keep releasing your videos!

  24. Nice work!

  25. swns me your luck daym i can never get over 100 win on max bet i need to go to san manuel haha

  26. Woodpecker soooo lucky for you. 🙂

  27. Awesome. Now dont give it back!

  28. That for sure is better than a jackpot! Congrats!

  29. GREAT wins! Thanks for sharing!

  30. Woodpeckers are usually loosing,and pissed off cause you are winning. Their attempt to annoy you so you will get off machine so they can get on yours. Lol.

  31. Nice win. Congrats

  32. You are one of the luckiest pleayers ive ever seen miss fuji hahahah. Keep it up!

  33. San Manuel is so loud. It's great when you are winning, but annoying when losing. Lol

  34. fake. computer game…

  35. San Manuel Casino Loves you !! Giving chance to win .. lol

  36. Bravo Akafuji! You are the best and the luckiest slot player! Kuri and your videos…without a doubt are the best….Silence is Golden ….and you hit it! Congrats…Cant wait for your next videos….I am loving them!

  37. Outstanding run!! Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  38. Awesome !!!

  39. What did your woodpecker neighbor end up winning towards the end of the video?

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