Akafuji SUPER BIG WIN★Lightning Link Slot Machine 10c Denom Bet $2.50, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Akafuji SUPER BIG WIN★Lightning Link Slot Machine 10c Denom Bet $2.50, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

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Akafuji Slot:

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  1. So cool bro wow

  2. Amazing Run!! Congrats!! This is my Favorite of all the lighting link games ,just love those cute little dolphins 🙂

  3. It's a good thing you played 10 cent bet, or else those minors would be only $50 for each symbol on 1 cent… good job though 🙂

  4. pagamento em Rubro mais uma oportunidade

  5. wow! you were on fire!!!! CONGRATS!

  6. Nice hits congrats

  7. Spectacular! Is like to win something like that soon. great job!

  8. I can't wait to try this machine. Thanks Akafuji, and congrats on the win. Keep the videos coming!! 🙂

  9. cool. nice fast and cool Winn's
    on my way fort McDowell casino Airazona

  10. If this video is real, do you like the buffet better in vegas then Harrah's in southern CA? I talked to the manager at Harrah's and he is mad you went to Vegas.

  11. I'm confused, do you only play in San Diego or is this a fake video?

  12. On that Bank if games at Cosmo I saw this lady with 20 minutes win 3 majors all HP's! She was playing $25 and it was just insane to watch!! Congrats on the wins!

  13. Great wins. I missed some of those while I was playing Heidi's Bier Haus. Glad we met up with you there. Fun times!

  14. Great collection!! Congrats!!

  15. Very awesome wins 🙂

  16. awesome run! raise bet on great runs! congrats

  17. Very, very nice wins. And awesome editing. Do you edit your own films or does someone help you with it? They are very well done.

  18. You are my high roller. Why not bet at least $5 or $10

  19. I would of been excited when that minor dropped recording or not yuh would of heard me lol

  20. Some great wins.
    I wish we could get them at our local casino's

  21. Congratulations…Excellent run…wow!

  22. Great wins Akafuji! I've gotten a few minors at 5c denom, never tried 10c yet. Maybe I will have to next time after seeing this video!

  23. played this one this past weekend and hit over $800.00 nice win for you.:)

  24. Awesome wins on LL!

  25. on a roll!! nice. more wins !

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