Akvasto Prime (Build) — The Double Six Shooters (Warframe Gameplay)

Akvasto Prime (Build) — The Double Six Shooters (Warframe Gameplay)

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Warframe fans have been asking for the Akvasto Prime for a while not but I’m not sure if this is exactly what they wished for. The Akvasto Prime is a minor iteration on the Vasto Prime and I would call it a side-grade at best rather than an upgrade.

The weapon sports the same critical chance, critical multiplier, status chance and exact same damage values and layout so the build will be mostly similar as with the Vasto Prime with one major exception, Recoil. Not only did the magazine size increase to double but it feels like the recoil is doubled as-well making that increased fire rate hardly usable unless we sacrifice a mod slot for Steady Hands which will make the weapon a lot more manageable.

To make a long story short, the Akvasto Prime is a side-grade from the Vasto Prime with a larger magazine, better fire rate but also increased recoil and reload time. Builds will be the same, stat priority will be the same and overall it’s mostly the same weapon. A subjective added benefit would be the cool factor of dual wielding guns, whatever floats your boat.

Warframe is a free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter video game developed by Digital Extremes for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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  1. I got a riven for akvasto, 280% Crit Chance and 300% raw damage

  2. One take… you are a brave man Leyzar! Only differences I noticed were the subtle curses and you sounded more out of breath. Amazing how much info you can pack in a 15 minutes video.

    I'm really curious about glaive weapons. If you can find the time, I would love to hear more about your favorite glaive and how it performs.

  3. Hey man can you make guides on frames? I’m struggling on finding the right build for ivara

  4. Can you do a Tonkor review Leyzar!? I've been really getting into it and seen how amazing it use to function and just recently unveiled a riv for it with CC, MS.

  5. Hey..i was wondering if you could do a build for the Guandao. It will mean a lot. Thanks.
    Ps.I I just love your builds.

  6. Can't get a good riven roll for this yet, got one that came with 380% damage, 136% heat and…-55% ammo maximum, that is sort of a deal breaker for a weapon that fires and reloads so fast.

  7. Seeing as Aklex is worse than Lex, then Im pretty sure this is gonna be worse than Vasto Prime as well.

  8. Why do i get amazing builds on all my weapons when only use the pyrana prime

  9. I got a riven. Any1 interested?

  10. didn't notice any difference man if this saves you time then go for it, keep it up!

  11. despair build leyzar? cause a lot of ppl use that on eidolon hunt especially for chroma player ty

  12. High noon squared.
    Also, maybe I’m just blind but have you done a zenith build?

  13. i will forever use my single one, because i have it forma'd a lot and i got a good riven

  14. Well… Well… Well… Seems like we gonna have AKJagara Prime

  15. Imagine max fire rate and a shoot macro, the recoil would be something not even gods can control

  16. I like it slower, fav Warframe youtuber still


  18. Got -137% recoil riven great yes? no it also gave negative zoom you can’t aim.I kept it because it also 346% damage

  19. Plz make review for all kitguns.

  20. i bet youde love to get a riven with minus recoil for this thing

  21. Maybe not the best dual pistol but damn it looks so beautiful

  22. I honestly don’t care about this weapon

  23. ”Oh god damn this rapid fire” — Leyzar 2018

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