Alan Dershowitz Says Manafort Plea a ‘Big Win’ For Mueller: White House Should Be Alarmed

Alan Dershowitz Says Manafort Plea a ‘Big Win’ For Mueller: White House Should Be Alarmed

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  1. dershpig needs to be locked up.

  2. You know, I don't know that I've ever heard Mueller say they were "after" Trump. They are investigating Russian involvement with our elections and whether there was American conspiracy with the Russians during this. It's Trump and the media who indicate Mueller is after Trump. Mueller can't help where the evidence leads he has to follow it.

  3. With Manaforts help Mueller will now line up his crosshairs on Trump Jnr not the POTUS

  4. Manafort will need to give up not just tRump, but tRump Jr., if he wants a good deal. Can’t wait for the masks to be pulled off the clown, his minions, and the entire administration. I wonder how his cult members are going to react? Say it’s FAKE? Go out in the streets protesting? Or worse, as trump and his team have hinted in the past?

  5. Dersh and his GOLDMAN SACHS clients that occupy this Whitehouse and FOX NEWS will BAIL on Donald Trump . He knows it.

  6. Contrived News Network — Where you go for news when you don’t want to know the real story

  7. Don't you people understand how bad the ECONOMY is … with $21 trillion in debt and $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities? Don't you understand that the middle-class has been hollowed out, so that people could get rich by arbitraging labor to China? Don't YOU care about this country? If Trump goes down, this country will only accelerate into the abyss …. YOU PEOPLE HAVE NO IDEA IN WHAT DANGER ALL AMERICANS ARE!

  8. More bs from Alan….If he was pardoned earlier he would have to tell the truth and if he lies he would be arrested again! Go home and spend time with your family Alan. …you're not needed out there!HAHAHAHA

  9. Dersh will try his best to put lipstick on this pig until his dying day. I feel bad for his poor son & daughter who have to put up with the humiliation of Dershowitz being their father. He’s willfully setting a torch flame to his credibility and reputation.
    This is not the same as Dershowitz’ representation of vile guilty criminals. No this is very different. If Dersh can be believed that Trump isn’t even his client- then that means this is a willful embrace of Criminality and senility by Dershowitz and that’s truly breathtaking

  10. MAGA which now means Mueller Ain't Going Away, a whole lot of witches being caught. There's a lot of witches out there. Like Donald Byrd's song falling like domino's. Hey Spanky dry your eyes it is that bad. I'm so happy sitting here seeing you so sad. No need to worry about tomorrow. Yesterday has come and gone. So hold your three chin's up buddy. Robert Mueller will settle these problems one by one.

  11. The orange putin's bitch is toast!!! ….

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