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  1. I enjoy your videos

  2. Hay lowroller your my favorite utube personality…. I would like to hang out with you and play slots one day. If you ever have a conversation I would like to see you…let me know I live in Cleveland and love to come to Vegas
    ..oh yeah I work at Jack's casino in downtown Cleveland

  3. nicely done,

  4. Haha yo I use boomshakylocky at work my man VLR

  5. Heh, both you and the last machine said "Last one, come on!" At the same time.

  6. You suck at pinball yo

  7. Sexy as hell when your pitch gets higher when you're winning. … 🙂

  8. you are terrible at pinball practice

  9. Looks like they messed up the Cleopatra series with a shitty 3rd version. Suprised you cashed out so early on it.

  10. Glad to c u back brotha , now we can e joy a good time

  11. grats ty for sharing

  12. We are going to Vegas this weekend

  13. All about the money…eh? Knew that would happen. It always happens.
    Gambling channel or not….

  14. It seems to me that these new game payouts are really low. Just another way for the casinos to take your money.

  15. So much for skill based games.  Wouldn't it be more fun to play an old mechanical pinball machine?

  16. im curious to know if the pinball is a skill game or not.
    Congrats on getting it. I couldnt land that to save my life.

  17. That pinball machine was way too much work. As usual great video VLR!

  18. Awsome

  19. I'm not liking that new Cleo game ☹️

  20. Always enjoy your videos man. Once again great job! Definitely subscribed!

  21. The number one rated goofball playing some pinball, I like it

  22. Some cool games. Which casino are these new games at?

  23. Looks like a lot of fun new games! Thanks for sharing!

  24. You could of been on radio in a heartbeat ……love watching and hearing your excitement !!!!!

  25. nice win not bad 🙂 you bet so high i bet with 30 cent i got 357$ and 50 cent i got 2 mega in 2 different games up to 620 euro
    but its all good as long as you winning greeting and congrats (Daniel )

  26. Loved that progressive win. As I am sure you know too well, they usually drag that pointer right on the edge and then it slips into the adjacent $1.50 slot. Never saw it move slightly backwards. Congrats!!!

  27. Thanks VLR!!! Great video!

  28. You sure play a mean pinball!

  29. Your excitement and anticipation almost make me sit on the edge of my seat watching your videos. They definitely get my heart racing. I vote you best personality on YouTube

  30. Thanks for the vid, you ever play Aztec spirit? I was able to pull off a good win on a 90 cent bet this weekend ! Check it out! Crystal prize is a good one too .

  31. I'm not digging the new Cleo.

  32. I was literally laughing out loud. You sounded like a little girl screaming for joy. Ahahaha

  33. Hey VLR, have to share my recent boom shaka laka. Went on a free play trip to my local casino. Sat down at buffalo stampede first spin 4 coin bonus on min bet 75 cents. Last spin had only 5 dollars so far, I hit a x4 x3 x3 elks for 880 dollars that's over 1100x! Sad it was min bet but still my biggest win ever! Stay awesome dude.

  34. there is a game called red panda or just panda I dont remember but its exactly like that otter game slotlover plays it all the time it can pay HUGE!

  35. hey vlr wheres the invaders form the planet moola magic cow video we saw a little bit on your post?

  36. This round will be .uck…hope next time better luck

  37. Awesome new games, can’t wait to play Cleo 3 thanks for sharing.

  38. Wasted a perfect pinball wizard title…lol

  39. Congratulations Daniel, thanks for sharing

  40. Am I missing something here? What ever happened to the second half of Return to Planet Moolah…..really??

  41. Otter King looks like a revival of some of the games on the Game King platform, maybe Super 8 Race or the multiline Texas Tea game (Texas Tea 3 X 3?)

  42. That pinball feature was CRAP! Won't pick that bonus if I play that game.

  43. Not a fan of either one, the new Texas tea or Cleopatra 3

  44. Not to be the picky Pete, but why is a Polar Bear in a forest? Should be on ice floes.Hee hee hee… Great run though!!

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