Alvin Kamara | Week 3 Postgame | «It’s a big win»

Alvin Kamara | Week 3 Postgame | «It’s a big win»

[ad_1] Saints running back Alvin Kamara recaps the Saints 43-37 overtime victory over the Atlanta Falcons.

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  1. WHODAT !!!

  2. Dont like this video.. leave it at 41 lol… WhoDat!!

  3. Alvin you should change your number from 41 to 47 and then u will be an AK47

  4. Dude..change your # to 47!!!! Ak47 not AK41

  5. Man maybe y'all get those microphones /recorders out of his face y'all are the only things that dude is sweating not the Defenders

  6. Alvin come to Colorado and plz meet me

  7. Please take him off special teams. We're over working him.

  8. His focus is impeccable. Gunna be a great one.

  9. Superbowl here we come

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