AMAZING BONUS! Far East Fortunes Slot Big Win

AMAZING BONUS! Far East Fortunes Slot Big Win

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  1. Amazing when you get the wilds to drop early!

  2. Great win!

  3. Nice win. I could never get those wilds to line up like that on this game.

  4. Nice win

  5. They still have these at Casino Niagara

  6. Kenzie bringing luck for days!

  7. Nice man! Congrats!

  8. Awesome win Tony. I love every version of this game. Like Joe said, hard to find game. None of my locals have it anymore.

  9. I haven't played this game in forever… makes me want to go play it now!! Amazing getting all the 2X with spins to spare… great video and win


  11. Hard to find this game but god it's so much fun when it plays nice

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