AMAZING Run with $20 — Wheel of Fortune Slot — HUGE WIN!!

AMAZING Run with $20 — Wheel of Fortune Slot — HUGE WIN!!

[ad_1] Decided to play this WOF slot for the first time in a while. Had some great luck!! Enjoy the video!

This was at Seneca Niagara Casino. [ad_2]

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  1. We're not $3 bet players usually. This was just a fun chance we took on a hard game. Turning the $20 into $600 was a pretty good win considering 🙂 For today's standards in the Youtube slot world, this isn't really anything special. When I released this video I knew a few people would appreciate it…but I never thought it would get this kind of attention. Thanks for watching, and sorry to disappoint if you were expecting a much bigger win.

  2. We played the same game. I put in $100 played 10 pulls won $1000, Wife bet $20 won $350, went to the pool. The next day at the exact same time played $100 won a $1000. Went to the pool. Left Vegas $2800 ahead, Hello MGM GRANS LV

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  4. Good for you Brother, Liked how you jumped off at $600. I bought A new, as I was first to live in the house new, in Henderson. Grew up in Alhambra CA but it got way to crowded. Anyways two weeks before my house was ready after A total four month build time, My wife & I stayed in A Marriott with no casino but was only minutes away from the strip, needless to say we had A ton of fun. More than we should of but hey, kids are all grown and married so we said what the heck. Best part was after down $12k that was also lodging and some great dining experiences what we never had before, I won A $10k progressive jackpot!! MAN, OH MAN. LETS JUST SAY; I RAN OUT WITH MY WINNINGS AND NEVER PLAYED MORE THAN $40 A WEEK, IF ONLY $40 A MONTH. Your play was awesome and if I played like you than I might have less gray hair, lol. just thought I'd share.

  5. First time I ever went to casino I played on Wheel of Fortune I won 900 bucks what a wonderful feeling and of course I quit gambling and went home LOL and haven't went back

  6. WTF. Huge win? First time at the casino? Nice win but not huge win by any stretch of the imagination.

  7. prince ian

  8. Im still waiting for the huge win

  9. man, i hope the 600 changed your life. Cured cancer, got you that mansion you wanted…

  10. Girlfreind i know all the time she stupid

  11. LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $500 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!

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  13. Going to the casino today to celebrate my 21st birthday! Hopefully i get this lucky haha.

  14. I think I played this game by using a 20 dollar bill in California and it was 5 dollars per play I won an extra 120 dollars on my first try without losing this was my first time 6 years ago almost 7 years

  15. I randomly change up the spin method like you. lol. nice run

  16. Huge?

  17. Great luck!

  18. Wheel of Fortune was the first slot machine I've ever played and won $720.00 on that day. Good old memories.

  19. Should have quit after you hit the $500 wheel spin!

  20. I dunno about full caps HUGE with a
    $500 win but it was pretty sweet.

    I was playing the $.25 3 bet max WoF at the new Resort's World Catskills in Montecello Ny yesterday. I just got done having a nice little 1/2 no limit poker session. I took 350 in a little over 2 hours and half of it in the last hand which unfortunately broke the table.

    Anyway back on track. So I played 20 in the $.25 wheel on my way back to the room. I must have sat there for 2 hours just grinding it out. I got at least 20 wheel spins and they were all 35 45 and 60 credit with one nice 180 credit spin. I got up reluctantly with $175 to help my wife check out so she could leave for business.

    And finally to the point of this wall of "who gives a shit"

    I went back to the same machine about 40 minutes after getting up and it picked up right where it left off. Just grinding away. After about a half hour I was up to about 240. I just kept getting the wheel spins about every 10 or 15 bets. That machine was my baby. And then….

    She malfunctioned. 5 guys were there within a minute… All smiles and politeness. But they were all interested and intent on the readings from the machine. Shared looks, frowns sideways looks at me made me start to feel a bit anxious! I asked if I broke "her" somehow and the lead guy said " Nah", just the reels were slightly "off balance". They said I was good to go but they stayed to watch a few spins. I got another wheelchair spin and it was for "20 free spins" (of the regular reels) which won me 75ish credits. The workers congratulated me and then left.

    I had a little over $250 at that point.

    I then lost all of it. I had maybe 5 winning spins over the next 90ish pulls of the lever. 20 minutes tops. I didnt care about the $250 really, as it was just "fun money" I was messing with between poker sessions.

    But those cocksuckers sure did " fix" that machine. Funny they were so close when it "malfunctioned" too.

    Anyway, sorry about the long story. I just thought it was some bullshit

  21. I once had 15$ and hit for 1500 on video poker. Most i evet won on a machine

  22. I won more with my grand-dad's dick. But I love you Canadians.

  23. Was getting bored until the 500 banged in. Well done

  24. This is definitely not huge….Huge starts at 10.000, 25.000 or 100.000…This equals to a pair of shoes, Diesel Jeans and a Jacket….Stop deceiving people pls.

  25. That's why more people should play slots.

  26. Seems boring. Whats the attraction?

  27. N

  28. I thought it was 5 dollar machine

  29. was this in the coneheads?

  30. Casino is funny only while you win hahaha.

  31. You can argue with the woman's logic…"Well, don't lose. "

  32. Win big, cash it out!

  33. Never let anyone else spin for you. If it hits, it's theirs.

  34. Yah- we'll take that- don't cha know.

  35. I probably would have left at $125 lol

  36. Not really a huge win but still good

  37. Nervous gamblers!

  38. His reaction was legit lol

  39. Congratulations!!

  40. Congrats on that big wheel hit!

  41. Wow. Cool.

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