American Roulette Play Fortuna Casino — 270$ WIN!

American Roulette Play Fortuna Casino — 270$ WIN!

[ad_1] New video from our users, where the player demonstrates the effectiveness of Karuzo Software 2.0 in the American Microgaming roulette on the site Play Fortuna. Starting from $140, he leads the game to 3 numbers, alternately turning on the game mode for 6 numbers, and also betting on the straights in order to avoid adjusting the roulette algorithms.

The balance is growing steadily without any obstacles, especially when playing on 6 numbers. But even when playing on 3 numbers, there were no cases when the rate needed to be increased. Just playing on the straights was necessary to raise. The goal of the game was to reach $400, and the player managed to reach $411 without any difficulties.

There were moments when the bet on 3 numbers was canceled and a double bet on 6 numbers was made, which immediately won. This once again demonstrates the effectiveness of the new version of Karuzo Software 2.0 in Play Fortuna Casino.

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