Apotheosis — o fortuna (apocalypse chorus mix) (1991)

Apotheosis — o fortuna (apocalypse chorus mix) (1991)

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  1. Dorian Yates, Lee Priest and Nasser el-Sonbaty [rip] bought me here

  2. bt+

  3. Uncle Function ❤️

  4. I love this song!

  5. lol now I get stuck on youtube listening to all the versions because I love them all 😀

  6. sounds like something you would put in a action movie

  7. Function! <3

  8. The Music Maker

  9. WutFace WutFace WutFace

  10. forsenX WutFace

  11. WutFace

  12. i don't know what you say in Spanish but it was goooood

  13. i cached this tune good while you pepole cry aha!

  14. excelso!

  15. si llueve me armo uno pongo la pava y salgo a escuchar esto al patio de mi casa loco.-

  16. Takes me back to Kontrol Factory

  17. Been looking for this particular mix for close to, I dunno, ten years now. I had it on my ipod as "Fortuna (DANZIG MIX)" from simply not knowing its name or where it came from. 

  18. Dorian Yates, Mr Olympia 1993

  19. Nostalgia!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. The first techno track I've heard. It was 1992 in Moscow, my Canadian friend brought her cassette to me. The label was simple: only "techno" was written on a sleeve )) Thanks. Feeling myself like I'm inside a kind of time machine )

  21. been looking for this forever…thank you!!!

  22. excelente

  23. Thumbs up if you came here from the Aliens O Fortuna video.

  24. <3 IT!

  25. amazing!! good opera choise! 😉

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