Aries March Tarot Reading — BIG WIN after a LONG STANDING BATTLE

Aries March Tarot Reading — BIG WIN after a LONG STANDING BATTLE

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  1. When you talked about the script, it touched me so deeply, I teared. Thank you <3

  2. so play the roll

  3. cool thank thats why I did that turn that page

  4. You are definitely gifted and I like you pray first in the name of the lor

  5. I am a Taurus sun, Capricorn moon and Aries rising and THIS one knocked me out because it reaaaaaaaally spoke to me. I too watch tarot readings like tv, and I have three decks of my own lol Thank you so much for this. Love & light to you.

  6. Tank You! top reading and right on spot. I love your explanations and views of the world and I love you, you are definitely amazing ♡ God bless you more and more

  7. You could call the devil a fucker! I've kinda always felt the devil and God are sitting on my shoulders. I only serve God and can't serve the devil. I have a lot of resonating going on in this reading. Thank you so much. My ex was or still is Demon possessed. I feel like I know the face I saw that she made at me one night at 230 am that I'll never forget. That shit was so scary . She never made that face at me again but its real. I know what I saw its real.

  8. Oh and you fine as hell btw 🙂

  9. I’m an Aries and so thankful so grateful for your specific gift in this time of my life.

  10. AMEN, I love it!!!! — So insightful

  11. I just have to say you blew my mind the whole time, I wish you would keep it going because your reading was full of metaphors, intuition, advice, philosophy, knowledge and different point of view of things. I like watching these readings because it opens my mind to see things differently and you sure did that. I laughed when you said we co-depend on these readings to know what's coming up or what to expect. Some topics that you went through and explained were mind opening, because they were thoughts that have crossed my mind and I didn't realized them until you clarified it for me. I would have smoked with you but I don't have any at the moment lol. I also loved how you were brutally honest and straightforward, some readers tend to sugarcoat things. Anyways thank you for such a great and wonderful reading I enjoyed every minute of it. God bless you much love ❤️

  12. You know I love this reader! I bet she’s a Virgo.

  13. I dig you

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