Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Angry Review

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey Angry Review

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe, Alex & Delrith Review the latest Assassin’s Creed, does the franchises new direction make for a much better game? Find out!
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27 комментариев

  1. I feel like this format should definitely be for rapid fire reviews for sure I liked the old format way better and the music was my favorite lol

  2. dragon quest XI review

  3. I prefer the normal review format, not a fan of this new style.

  4. I love the idea of this kind of review, just keep the high quality funny scenes going.

  5. After so many years I finally unsubscribed from AJ videos, because he stopped reviewing games objectively. Rushing through a big open world game like this, and saying you need grind to progress, (and that is why there are microtransactions in the game according to him), or without grinding it is impossibly hard is stupid.
    Then he admits he didn't do anything else just the main story line, because this is how he plays games. That was the part where I realized why did he give shadow of mordor such a low score, saying you have to grind so many hours or buy items with money, because he didn't do anything else just the main storyline.

    You are not forced to do any side quests in AC Odyssey, you just need to plan your moves, and not to rush in like Aragorn with his army at the black gates. I am level 30 on hard, and I never had the feeling of turning back and grind more because the game was too hard. I am not discovering all the question marks just a few which are in the vicinity of my main quests, and no, I never visited the store. (why would I take away the fun from my gameplay by "boosts"?)

    Other people told him this, and he reacts like "no, you are wrong because I am not a shit player, and I don't do anything else than the main quests during my first playthrough". lol

    In witcher 3 there were main quests which were not adjusted to your level (for example you were able to go to skellige from the start of the game where your level was too small to survive even a single dog bite there). Did he say anything negative about it? No.

    For some reason Joe didn't even mention during his spiderman review (which was mentioned in every major review site as a poor thing) the repetative crime side missions across the city (car chase, or beating up the thugs). If that wasn't grind, then I am the pope. Did he say anything negative about it?

    He is saying they are below average sidequests. The grey daily ones are for fanatics, the yellow ones are really good written in my opinion, but everyone is different.

    I am not saying this game is GOTY material, what I am saying it is fun and it keeps you entertained for a long time. If someone sees this review who is buying games according his reviews he will miss it out because it is a — grindy game full of microtransactions —.

  6. I never grinded but then again I just take pictures so. The only booster I have is the money boost. Because I blow through crap.

  7. shxt I really want modern times and first civilizations to be back

  8. Is supposed to be an assassins game and ubisoft chose to make it about spartan that are proud warriors. The game should be called warriors creed

  9. I'm digging this style of video it's almost like a behind-the-scenes type feel with guest

  10. The next Assassin's creed will be vikings.

  11. Review style is good

  12. Epic intro

  13. Loved the opening, agree that p2w stuff should be illigal even when it comes to games like this and thanks for the review. Can't wait till November /December when I start this game. Gonna save it till then cuz of the awesome scenery since it's basically night 24/7 where I live thoes months and even fake sunlight helps my mentality of not going into hybrination lol

  14. Yes the grind is real if you want to go for the main campaign it will feel bad BUT I'm lvl 45 and I did not spend any money on boaters and I think ubisoft is shit for putting them in I have only got to 63% campaign and lvl 45 the secret is to explore a lot and do a lot of big battles because once you have discovered most of the map you will have a lot big fights that gives you a lot of XP.

  15. Fair review. The microtransactions should not be there at all though, not even for cosmetics. This is not a f2p game.

  16. Joe 2 has great tits

  17. "Below average sidequest" up to this point isn't that be the norm in all AC games?
    In fact, Isn't that the norm in all Ubisoft games?

  18. Bring back modern world. you all are morons you play too many games your brains are fried. get a job

  19. Next game will be set in Rome. Mark my words…

  20. As soon as I saw Alex I stopped watching

  21. I legit never had this grind issue. But that may be because I did and still do explore the world. I personally completely love the game

  22. Please go back to the Original format. it was better.

  23. Definitely doesn’t feel like a grind. I wish it was slower actually as im outgrowing legendary gear too fast to enjoy them. Also after you acquire last armor set piece it levels up the other pieces to match level.

  24. Actually enjoyed this style of review, nice work Joe

  25. In other words. I'm not playing this game.

  26. People had the same grindy complaints about origins and I had absolutely no issue with grinding in that game. I finished the main story far before I finished a lot of the side stuff and I know this because I spent many hours completing every location for the achievements cause that's what I do for a lot of these games. I don't think I'd have an issue with any grinding, but why would I buy this when I could red dead 2 comes out soon, I have still need to get the last couple trophies in spiderman and I still have a lot of stuff to do in octopath traveler.
    Edit: I should also mention I only bought origins because it was 50% off during the black friday deals so I figured why not.

  27. Format is aight, but maybe not for an Angry Review.

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