AWESOME Monty Python Slot Machines!!! BIG WIN!!! BONUSES!!!

AWESOME Monty Python Slot Machines!!! BIG WIN!!! BONUSES!!!

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I finally gave Monty Python a try! I’m so glad I did, I played both the Bunny and Knight versions! Hit a great bonus and random features for a BIG WIN! Enjoy!!!

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26 комментариев

  1. GREAT VIDEO……………

  2. I love this machine.

  3. Sorry to say. But that killer bunny killed your economy on that slotmachine.

  4. You always look really pretty Sarah

  5. Nice save first machine was wack.

  6. U the only person I like to see your video

  7. I ❤️ that slot! I have had some luck on it. I’m cheap though, I play 1 cent maybe bet 1 or 2

  8. The day just got better. Nice win.

  9. That 5 cent denomination with a 5$ a spin bet, is that a max bet?

  10. Awesome games, but I feel that the Black Knight Machine gives bigger rewards.

  11. te amo

  12. I love this game! The nostalgia of it makes me want to buy one and put it in my home office. Thanks for sharing this and congratulations on the great bonuses!

  13. Nice!!! I've never seen a nickel denom for Monty. Loved that 10X!

  14. Finest kind!!

  15. Great payday, congratulations! Now I'm going to have "Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries" in my head all day. Some of the best lines in that movie.


  17. yum

  18. i'm to chicken to bet that big

  19. victory is mine 🙂

  20. Great video love the Monty python slot

  21. Good win.

  22. Damned bunny boo

  23. The bunny got stomped by the buffalo it seems. Shoulda called hiedi. Them monte python boyss like beer wenches

  24. We are the Knights that say Nee. Big Python fan here. Too bad the Vorpal Bunny didn't pay. But the Black Knight sure did. Keep on smiling!!!!

  25. Always liked that slot, it cracks me up.

  26. You seem to be on a winning streak. Keep it up.

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