[ad_1] The Nouveau Beauties slot machine by Konami has great potential!

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Nouveau Beauties seems a bit strange as the reels spin, and the reason is that each symbol position is actually on its own reel!

Randomly before each spin, the special «Mystery Multiplier» feature may be activated and if so, certain symbols will have multipliers attached to them, where any win you land is multiplied by all multipliers that are shown, regardless if they are part of the actual winning line or not!

The bonus is triggered by landing 3, 4, 5, or more bonus symbols for 10, 12, 25 or 100 free games respectively. During the bonus, the Mystery Multiplier feature is always active although Wild symbols are also removed from the reels, too. Wins can be multiplied up to 125x for a Super Big Win or Jackpot. Retriggers are also possible, as you will see! This one is a favorite for obvious reasons, Enjoy!

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  1. DO IT!

  2. Nice win!

  3. Great bonus & retrigger win. Congrats!!

  4. Phenomenal!

  5. . . . can always count on Konami !

  6. Now that was beautiful! Quick and easy. Great job!

  7. You call it, brother. That bonus was the one!

  8. Awesome vid as always jack — thanks 🙂

  9. Very very very nice game! Bravissimo!!! 🙂

  10. That was a Great Win! We also did well on this game and I find the 125x possibility intriguing! What did you think about this game?

  11. WOW! That was almost 170x win. Congrats my friend on this awesome session, This version and Sparkling roses are on list my favorite konami games , and always i play on 5c denom with $7.50 bet but only one time could get a big win

  12. Marvelous win .

  13. Congratulations!!!!! I'm gonna be searching for that game at Thistledown next time! ♥️

  14. I really need to start visiting the casinos you go to because my local has been sucking me dry. Great wins!!!

  15. Makes me want to hop on a plane (from smokie So.Cal.) and check out Jack Casino!! Nice Bonus ! Beauties for sure $$$


  17. This game does have potential. I was playing at the local casino on this where the max bet was 4.50. On a regular spin, I got a ton of the red ladies with some multipliers for a $5,550 jackpot!

  18. wow nice sesh

  19. wow nice hit

  20. Awesome hit ! I love these unique Konami games you find. We’re stuck with Dragons Law, Chili, and Hearts Of Romance unfortunately. Not sure if you take requests, but I’d love to see you play Double Happiness by Aristocrat. Not sure if you know of that game or have seen it, but the top symbol with the free game 10x multiplier has potential for a great win. Best of luck

  21. “Do it…”

  22. I havent played this yet. I should!

  23. That was a NICE win!! Wow!!

  24. I love that you smack that button and come out on top!

  25. Woah!

  26. Pearls for days! Congrats!

  27. I like the shorter videos!

  28. I play this game. It's so hard to hit a bonus let alone a re-trigger. But I do like it.

  29. Love this game too. Nice wins

  30. Not my type of game old boy but good to see some cash going your way mate. Stay safe. Cheers from Scotland

  31. Omg that was amazing!!!.. I love those games. Can't wait for my trip mr. Bp. I hope I've catch some of your luck. Congrats that was awesome

  32. You can play this on the Konami slot app. It's on there

  33. Off the charts congratulations ❤

  34. Very cool game. Sounds fun!!!

  35. Super BONUS! Congratulations $$$$$

  36. Amazing hits brother !

  37. First comment!!

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