[ad_1] WINS ON NEW TICKETS!! Scratching off and winning on the NEW «BIG WIN» lottery ticket from the Hoosier Lottery. Each new month brings new scratch off ticket releases, and this month seems to be starting out well with back to back winners found on the first two of the new «Big Win» tickets that I scratched off!!

Thanks for watching, and please play responsibly. [ad_2]

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  1. You almost miss #48 glad you spot it.

  2. Im going to try that new $10 Ticket.I won $5 on that white ice

  3. Holy Smokes, Jigsaw Jeff! (I haven't heard that in years!) What a nice win, and to think, you actually profited even more on the second Big Win ticket. Congrats! I hope it was a substantial amount (for your "beach" fund!). Blessings to y'all!

  4. Great Winner, me hearty!

  5. Thanks for sharing scratch on my friend

  6. Can you get a better stratcher please and slow down some

  7. Nice ! ☺

  8. Hi Jeff great win… But you missed #32 on card 001… How much was the #32 worth???

  9. BIG profit session! Unlike you to miss numbers, but as you know you missed 32… assuming that was another 10. Nice win!!!

  10. jeff you missed a matching 32

  11. You missed 32

  12. Nice W's Jigsaw Jeff nice profit session. Have a good night sir!!!!!

  13. I did a symbol hunt on a $10 ticket tonight and found a win all symbol for 20 matches and then I checked the first spot-traditionally a win all on a $10 is a $50 or $100. This Ticket had all $1.00 amounts for $20 I felt cheated but a win is a win.

  14. Great session scratch on my friend second ticket match #32

  15. good win

  16. Jigsaw you missed 32 on the other ticket and I thought the other was a 22 I could be wrong

  17. Hi jigsaw how are you on this Thursday?

  18. Great win, thanks for sharing.

  19. Nice wins. Once you get past the camera focus issues and your Jeff Foxworthy of scratcher channels act.

  20. WooHoo on a Profit Session. Onto to more wins. Happy Scratching & Good Luck to us all

  21. Congrats on winning on my #32. You missed one on ticket 001. Nice wins Jigsaw Jeff. Keep scratchin & winnin my friend.

  22. Hey, I got a $100 winner off the new Michigan $20 scratcher ticket called 100X The Cash. It's about time.

  23. Congrats jigsaw on your wins.

  24. Nice win jeff!!!!!!

  25. Yes I'm still here jigsaw.. win win win buddy!

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