Base Game Madness on Jammin’ Jars Slot — HUGE WIN!

Base Game Madness on Jammin’ Jars Slot — HUGE WIN!

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28 комментариев

  1. Good video!

  2. Good game bro!

  3. beeeese geeeeme haha nice hit man

  4. I had a couple of 650x wins in basegame. I've been too scared to play it after my heater on it. So much potential though.

  5. I got a 1500 x win in the base game with two jars it is possible!

  6. Jars of love


  8. And the oscar goes to……..

  9. You absolute turd burglar

  10. *lured

  11. Who are the bellends that keep disliking this? If its you then you are total cockwomble.

  12. thats fucking insane mate ..but big congrats man

  13. Congratulations mate nice hit

  14. forget the fudge Nick, time for a sandwich… Jam sandwich………….. quality run

  15. WoW, Those inflated RTP wins are impressive.

  16. if you get the rainbow feature, thats not "basegame" is it?

  17. Whats happened to the live streams on YouTube?

  18. Is rite nick !

  19. Nice one Nick!

  20. That was pure magic to watch big man!

  21. What site do you use mate?,
    I'm currently on dunder and I never seem to get big hits the most I have had is 100×

  22. Should be called how to crash slots with nick

  23. What’s going on what’s going on where am I what am I doing. Your playing slots ya tit calm down.

  24. Nice!! I hit 2000x on 60p!!

  25. Imagine it was strawberries what a hit nick well done

  26. Shame no 3rd came down

  27. Having 3/4 jars roaming around does help, however, who really cares about getting a bonus when you get an instant 700x? Top spins, top wins.

  28. I like how you get your word in about our conversation on twitch about the calzone 5k cap . Funny how you didn’t get the part in when you called me a Dick ! Yet no apology for that ! I apologise to you although I genuinely meant know harm . Who’s the dick ?

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