Battacor Build 2018 (Guide) — Sentient Power Harvested (Warfame Gameplay)

Battacor Build 2018 (Guide) — Sentient Power Harvested (Warfame Gameplay)

[ad_1] Battacor Build 2018 (Guide) — Sentient Power Harvested (Warfame Gameplay)

With Fortuna we get access to a batch of new weapons, among them The Battacor, a mastery rank ten primary weapon with a unique automatic burst trigger.
The weapon features very high critical chance for both auto-burst and charge-shot fire modes and high base critical multipliers. The status chance is decent for primary mode at eighteen percent but very low for charge shot at eight percent. The charge shot deals a truck worth of damage and all of it being pure radiation, while the primary fire has its damage split between magnetic and puncture damage.

The Battacor performed very well with both an elemental build and a critical slash build based on Hunter Munitions but overall I feel the slash build works a bit better.
While the secondary fire mode looks like a beam weapon it functions like any other projectile or hit-scan weapon so we can get multiple projectiles fired through the use of multishot but negative accuracy effects such as Heavy Caliber have a rather large impact on the usability of the weapon.
The biggest impact outside of critical chance / damage was fire rate with Vile Acceleration or Speed Trigger, which will allow us to get faster kills and thus more charge shots.

The two major negatives would be the low base fire rate and it being a projectile based weapon which can make it a bit more difficult to land precise shots but the projectile travel speed is not bad at all.

Overall the Battacor is a welcomed addition to the weapon roster sporting a new trigger, interesting charge mechanic and a truck worth of damage. Highly Recommend.

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  1. What… How are you so good at this? You went on for 20 minutes and it didn't seem dragged out whatsoever. Just wow.

  2. I feel fire rate mods are not as useful on burstfire weapons. They seem to reduce the time between shots in a given burst more then they reduce time between bursts. The 2ndary fire however has a charge mechanic which is also reduced by fire rate so yeah I guess this would be an exception to my usual build structure.

  3. its a interesting weapon but the requirement to kill to get the charges realy takes out scaling for me if you could charge it manualy or by firing i feel it would be able to taken much farther.


  5. MY EYES

  6. Really appreciate that you are so in depth, even though i know most of those already!

  7. This weapon is stupid amounts of fun.

    1st charge is "I want this eximus dead."
    2nd charge is "I want this entire corridor full of eximi dead."
    3rd charge is "I want the corridor full of eximi in the next dudes lobby dead."

    I've bought the Garuda collection to thank DE for Fortuna and Battacor alone could make it worthwhile.

  8. ”Absolutley bloody glorious”

    I agree.

  9. I farmed my own high Voltage you guys can too ! with a Speed limbo build it takes ~2-5 mins per run not bad at all

  10. Viral+hunter munition will be great.

  11. The enemies I have the most problems with on the Vallis, are the medium size spoders

  12. There can be higher level enemies on the Vallis. If you are on max alert level, the enemies will scale up over time, up to level 200

  13. Hammer shot is never worth using if you do the math

  14. I absolutely love the Battacor.

    And i dont even have it yet.

  15. U make me Blind~

  16. That muzzle flash mmh just right

    D.E. plz fix lighting i go blind everytime in orb vallis on default settings

  17. Holy Moses, that's alot of damage! Powerful bleeds

  18. Dat bloom is blinding when you shootzen sie laz0rs.

  19. MY EYES

  20. WTB Unrolled Battacor Riven pm me

  21. Could this finally be the rail gun some of us have been waiting for? It certainly looks and behaves like one. Thx Layzar, once again stellar work. GG

  22. primed cryo rounds is the most underrated mod I swear
    why didn't you use it for the viral slash build?

  23. So the battacor, is made from the core of a battalyst?

  24. So for once the Crit Slash is better than the "standard" build?

  25. Could you make a moa companion showcase?

  26. Your vids are just soooo well structured, man. Well freaking done.

  27. Um guys need help when i was doing a bounty where i save some hostage why can't i get the cache inside the cell?

  28. I'm having a gun bonner

  29. Yo great video as always i like the way you test everything! Are you going to do specific kitguns video?

  30. Wowowowow I'm going to neglect my Tenora screw getting a riven for it now (I've been meaning to get a god roll for the tenora) but since this weapon is a lot better (Imo) ill pass… Dammmmmnnnnn that's sooooooo good!!! I love Hunter Munitions so much!!! I'm definitely using primed shred on this weapon.

  31. Honestly viral + hunters munitions is the best combo for all factions for crit weapons.

  32. Leyzar you forgot that on Orb Vallis its possible for enemies to get at a max of 125 due to the alert reinforcement beacon so the enemy level can get higher than a Sortie

  33. Good video, as usual. Have you considered making a Zenith video, Leyzar? I see a lot more people using it now that you dont need to wait 500 days to get it.

  34. I wonder if Tenno Spectors can use the secondary fire mode. Would make for an interesting choice.

  35. I've been wanting a single target rifle for a while now and I this weapon is it. Gotta put my Arca Plasmore and Sancti Tigris down for a bit. ^-^

  36. Corrosive and crit with hunter munitions is a good idea?

  37. Doing tests like the end is what I liked most. A welcome change in pace. Shows how well it does in crowd situations. Can't wait for this to hit consoles.

  38. Leyzar…you've just sold me!! I gotta get me one (once clan research is done!) Any chance of a review for the Ocucor? As always good Sir, great video! Keep up the excellent work!

  39. I could listen to you all day long… <3
    And as always, very good review! Keep it up 🙂

  40. Absolutely, bloody GLORIOUS!!! it would be MORE glorious if it was out on consoles already…. lol

  41. I never understand the hate for hammer shot. I think it's a great mod and hybrid builds are the best should a weapons stats allow it.

  42. Good lord the BLOOM!!! MY EYES!!! XD

  43. I watch a lot of build videos, but I always find myself gravitating towards yours. Thanks for all the work you do, broseph.

  44. Using the battacor in bright light of Fortuna will be as mind numbing as the lag in fortuna. Another great video Leyzar. If you could i have a phage riven with 104 toxin 172 dmg and 120 multishot. What should be the optimal pricing of this riven.

  45. The issue with the new Corpus isn't their survivability compared to corrupted heavy gunners, but their attacks which spam knockdowns and knockbacks that cannot be prevented. My Oberon standing in the middle of 2+3 should be immune to status effects, but gets thrown around like a rag doll when a couple of trenchers show up.

  46. i cant wait for a vid on the occucor

  47. About the explosion radius: it's actually 3 meters. The wiki was (maybe still is) wrong about that. I tested it with trigonometry and using the code scanner as a distance measurement

  48. Battacor is prohibited to be used by people with epilepsy

  49. Idk what's the deal with high voltage and shell shock, the drop rate is 5% it's waaaaay better than a lot of frames, I got 2 shell shocks and 2 high voltages on like 7-8 runs.

    Btw, would you recommend builds from Warframe builder? I use it from time to time but when I copy a build I see some random shiet most of the time lel.

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