BCP LIVE: One Legal «Loss»…and one BIG LEGAL WIN!

BCP LIVE: One Legal «Loss»…and one BIG LEGAL WIN!

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  1. obama had a WOMAN removed and they picked her up and took her out. the hypocrisy is rich today. trump needs to put a big poster of her getting carried out,as a warning. and get some gigantic FEMALE WRESTLER SECRET SERVICE GIRLS TO STAND IN THE FRONT ROW.

  2. give jimmy boy a pass to get his ass hauled out screaming, and his notice of losing it.

  3. Yes!!.. go!! to Mexico & bring back the truth.. plzz

  4. President Trump has been the most visible, transparent, available president in history. By far. The Acosta affair is no big deal at all. Just ignore him, quit giving him the spotlight he craves.

  5. We are not Seeing Enough of what you Discribed / So go to The Boarder. Report the Truth but be Carful…

  6. She'll take the fifth.

  7. Just call him B. M. it fits…or #2

  8. you have the last word but we need you right where you are now brother. maybe better to stay here than leaving to go to mexico though if you feel you must then go. otherwise stay ! that is some advice i received long ago and it has always done me right. if you must say something then say it. if not, keep quiet. that was the advice i got regarding speaking out. somewhat different but with the same roots.

  9. Let Lacostra da Natracrotcha in. Let him babble at infinitum, announce you are out of time and walk out. Do that a couple times and let his cronies take care of him. A couple of press conferences where nothing else is said, but Jimmy boy and they will eat him.

  10. Thank you for your videos ❤️

  11. Prayer Warriors do not look at things in the natural.   God is moving in response to our prayers.  This is spiritual warfare for the heart & soul of America.   Re-read 2 Chron 7:14 and DO IT.    Re-read 1 Jn 4:4, Luke 10:17-20 & Matt 18:18 and BELIEVE IT.   KEEP PRAYING.   We wrestle NOT against flesh & blood but against spiritual wickedness in hi places.  FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT on your knees.

  12. You had an ad in the beginning of this video.

  13. HOW ….HOW??? WTF!!!

  14. Mexico trip!!!!!

  15. Hillary lies, so having to tell the truth…she should be made to showup.
    That would be great to hear what's happening in Mexico firsthand.

  16. That Acosta crap ain't no big deal. They will have to follow the procedure.
    U would think that correct behavior should be apparent. But Trump should of just kicked him out.
    Again written policies are great.
    Sorry about your censorship.

    Trump can't block? Y? It is his Twitter. I understand the whitehouse Twitter. Is their a double standard?
    Check this out …
    Watch "Field McConnell — "Treasonous Acts" — Operation Classified" on YouTube

  17. I vote yes if you would go to Mexico. I want to see an unbiased report and opinion coming from there.

  18. Your video had an ad this morning. Everybody come back and watch again.
    As soon as Acosta shows up at the White House, I would like to see the offended young lady to go up to him and slap him across the face. Back in the day, that is what ladies did to assholes.
    LOL Loved the Doctor Strange comics. Haven't seen one in years.

  19. It is ridiculous that you have to set common rules and regs for something that is taught from preschool up.. That's what we have here, we have CNN reporting fake news, empowering a fraudulent reporter to have free reign in the White House cause, hey ratings.. CNN apparently has 50 hard passes… Let's review that, obviously they have so many hard passes they can afford to have Acosta carrying like an absolute baboon in the conferences… Review it all, let some more independents in there asap, reduce CNNs access to normal levels and let more in the door that actually want to report good and bad for the president!!!

  20. Mate one legal loss which is fair and square the WH over reached, no big deal, but cnn are carrying on like they won the presidential race… They really think they are winning.. It's frustrating but funny at the same time… Hey hotshot left, Trump is your president, for another 6 years… Let that sink in fools!!!

  21. Pantera strength beyond strength
    Pantera 5 minutes alone

  22. If it is not to difficult plus you speak the language give on scene report. How many are still coming across … go luck!

  23. I loved the hat… I will buy one too; when she actually shows up and testifies.

  24. Go to Mexico and report!

  25. You might consider just using the videos your friends are posting and translate and/or type what is being said and done. You can only be in one place and your friends are all over. Just saying..

  26. https://www.brighteon.com/5968499377001

    This is the same path as the FIRE in California as the path
    to the bullet train. Look at both of the diagrams PLEASE LOOK AT THIS.


  28. Love you BROTHER!!! Keep spreading the TRUTH!! GOD BLESS!!

  29. cover it just be careful stay safe

  30. If you go, please stay as safe as possible. We pray for you always no matter where you are!

  31. We all need to celebrate the day HRC goes to jail, and make it a national holiday!!!

  32. I love brave, conservative minority people who stand against the Socialist Democrat oppression & control over their lives.

  33. I will do the same if HRC is arrested. I will purchase a party hat and a blooper thingy and make a video!

  34. Don’t get so upset! This is just a chess move. It is “check” but not “checkmate.” We can totally handle this. I actually laughed out loud when I heard this.

    So what, let Jim Acosta back in the W H for now. This president is creating new law left and right. So . . . from now on there will be very clear rules in the WH press behavior. They will now cross the line in a very clear way and the consequences will be immediate, real, enforceable, and obvious.

    No big deal!

  35. A day later, I think you should but please be careful. Soros and Clinton might have some thugs there for Americans like you. Just saying. I send a prayer of protection over you in Jesus' Name. Amen and Amen

  36. Look the president is a smart man why do you think he is putting the military on the border. Let’s see if the left will step up to the plate. GBA

  37. Merry Christmas! There is no place for the demonrats to go but down. Woohoo!

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