BEGINNERS LUCK! 5 Treasures Slot Machine with Bonus and Huge Win!!! SDGuy1234

BEGINNERS LUCK! 5 Treasures Slot Machine with Bonus and Huge Win!!! SDGuy1234

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As Seen on Casino Realness
Denomination — Penny
Total Bet — $8.80

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33 комментария

  1. sooofunnyanddifferent

  2. lolilovewatchingyourvideos

  3. ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. Good luck dear friend me…
    Play is life!=)❤

  5. dis guy needs a reality show…lmao

  6. yea. that not even a big win and you making all those annoy noise already. what just plain annoy. i hope i never play next to someone this annoy and get excited about every little win he gets. that weak

  7. Are U sick just screaming like a girl lol

  8. You are hilarious! This is my fave slot

  9. Really like yr video. In totally , do you win or lose ?

  10. Great win love your vids

  11. Brian

  12. you should have left, you just lost $200.

  13. Noisy

  14. What a dick

  15. You are child-like. Bet you voted for Hillary and cried yourself to sleep.

  16. FU Baby!

  17. ur profanity is a turn off!

  18. You and Brent are two of the funniest humans on earth. Thank you. That is all.

  19. fuck this squid

  20. still my favorite slot channel on you tube…love you SD guy…!

  21. My fav game of all time I will sit and dribble over this video for awhile*sigh*
    I go tthe Top Jackpot on this game in Tasnmania Casino last year nearly $7000
    I always take the Tiger and once that has payed well I take the turtles.
    After watching this I will try your Dragon symbol for a change. Well Done !!!

  22. this bitch is so f@#$ annoying

  23. Great bonus! Every time I finally get the bonus on that game at max bet I swear my machine turns to complete shit. I have won less than the max bet before with all losing spins. That game fucking hates me! Nice to see you winning on that game! You made 88 Fortunes your bitch!!! Was this in PA as well? Only reason I ask is I lived there for over 18 years and know all the casinos well. Just curious what your thoughts of the PA casinos was? I know they aren't Vegas but nothing is. Lol ~Heather Eisenhooth

  24. Hey sdguy, some guy is using this same vid as his own .."Wilfredo"

  25. The win is good but you are so fucking annoying

  26. Do the chances of the bowl closing increase with your bet size?

  27. your recording skills are shit and you get way too excited man

  28. your recording skills are shit and you get way too excited man

  29. Like your videos, but very annoying when you don't show the dollar amount at top

  30. meow memeow memeow love it!

  31. Always love your enthusiasm sdguy!!!!

  32. finally someone with a brain i saw 2 videos max bet chose fish the lowest payout i waz like wtf

  33. you are seriously too much fckn fun lol

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