Berry Big Wins at the Carnival!

Berry Big Wins at the Carnival!

[ad_1] The Florida Strawberry Festival is back! We are ready to head over and play the carnival games. Let’s see what big prizes we will win today!

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23 комментария

  1. tbh I'd spend all my money on the fish game so I could save all of them. 🙁

  2. Why don’t you want the fish but hole

  3. Your voice is so cute

  4. The huge raccoon

  5. I would carry on playing that game until alllllll the fish were mine just so they could get a home and not stuck in a horrible tiny bag. Luvvvv u guys

  6. I wish I was there 🙁 I'm very sick right now though

  7. Love your vids

  8. i Love you

  9. Llo

  10. The goldfish game is cruel Hey PETA perfect for you

  11. Poor fish

  12. Poor fishes

  13. Why you put the title in spanish an the vídeo is in inglish

  14. Really want to see what their house is like with all the prizes aha

  15. I have that same strawberry

  16. That’s s cruel to keep the fish piled on top of each other think about the ones at the bottom

  17. You are the best YouTube

  18. Why does she sound like that

  19. cười vô duyên vcl

  20. Is this the girls real Voice because it’s annoying some times

  21. 🙁

  22. Oll

  23. She sounded like webby from ducktales

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