Best Bonanza wins you will ever see!

Best Bonanza wins you will ever see!

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Bonanza’s a favorite game of many people, no wonder we frequently see big wins from the game being shared on the CasinoGrounds forum. In this video we have put together some of the best bonuses ever on Bonanza.

Featured videos:
00:11 — Slotspinner kicks of the bonus with a great start.
03:21 — Daskelelele gets the best paying bonus ever recorded.
06:32 — Multiple symbols hits for over 2000x in one hit for Daenyboi88.
07:14 — Slotplayer catches a surprising big win on a low multiplier.
08:03 — ShawSlots builds up a good multiplier before the slot finally drops the bomb.
09:45 — LetsGiveItASpin watching Leedsbullen winning the highest X-win recorded ever. [ad_2]

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  1. to all of you saying this is fake, im no streamer, but a player, i had wins in the range of 10-20k aswell in my life. It is possible, not probable though. But don't accuse them of "always winning". If you watch their streams you'll find out they rip most deposits plus of course they hit more big wins, since they play all fucking day long and that on high stakes. Twitch money coming in handy there.

  2. no shitrox,good

  3. Down-payment on a house if in $

  4. top upload loved it great work casino grounds more like this please

  5. Fake Reaction

  6. The Last one was 2017…

  7. So BTG launch bonanza in december 2016 and now two years later the best highlight video casinogrounds can come up with consist of 5 bonuses……from hundreds of thousands of bonuses…5 where good. So one good bonus every five months for one player out of millions. enough said. I have had 1.5 million spins on bonanza and my rtp is 32% and my biggest bonus was 880x. I have had over 872 bonuses. My bonuses average bonus comes every 1720 spins and the vast majority of bonuses pay from 15 — 60 x many pay fixed amounts and they are NOT random. base game hit values are exactly the same so all win amounts are typically 5x 12.5x 25x 50x 100x or thereabouts and these are standard payments a player will receive from 90% of all bonuses and wins and big wins. I have went 3000 spins on bonanza without a bonus once and over 2000 spins at least ten times. Its Not random and the 1/485 chance of triggering a bonus is bullshit. My true rtp 32% over 1.500000 spins so BTG can blame luck all they want, it is clearly nothing to do with luck and it is not random either. NO WAY. This size sample of spins shows that is undeniable.

  8. 'IF it is real'
    -dazza gee 2018

  9. I hit 6540x in extra chilli bonus (almost in one spin with purples)

  10. Only 14405x ? not even a Million X — Sharox1980

  11. I got today full screen diamonds in second strike 5€ bet 5000€ win 🙂

  12. That 100k € Win is a life changing amount of money. Insane.

  13. I play low stakes and lose, don't think people want to watch that

  14. "I never win this much so neither can you or it's fake"

    People, why so salty? BabyRage

  15. i heard that some finnsh guy won over 20000x +..

  16. Bonanza ❤️

  17. wow, brilliant wins

  18. my best win 1200euro 10euro bet and 22free games 🙂 🙂

  19. Follow Daskelelele on Twitch! Nicest and most degen streamer out there!

  20. Awesome! 🙂

  21. Show us the bank deposit and the cash, these streamers "win" hundreds of thousands of dollars yet they never move out of their crappy apartments or buy a nice car,etc.. I wonder why?

  22. That low win on green gems is my win from sky Vegas the other day. I never sent it in????how did that get on there. If it's not it's very similar to what I did and the time is the exact time I won it

  23. 100000€ wtf

  24. Fake.

  25. Wooow

  26. I hit 5400x on a £1 stake. sadly the video on my channel just catches me swearing while carrying my laptop through the house to my mrs

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