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Best New Slots of August 2019

Best New Slots of August 2019

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We have compiled some of the best new slots released in August 2019.

Featured Videos:
00:14 Slotspinner catches a ride on the Money Train.
01:46 Who will Jarttu84 be rooting for on Vampires vs Wolves?
03:25 Big win for JJCasino on The Sword and the Grail.
05:28 Miikapekka fights with the Gods of Olympus.
06:21 MitaaSpins is crafting his own crown on Kingmaker.
08:45 Jarttu84 takes the Mystic Wheel for a spin.
12:58 LetsGiveItASpin dives down deep to the Razor Shark.
18:18 Slotspinner plays his first hand on Side Bet City.

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  1. Whats with the foot thing???? Im a dumb american so i wouldnt know

  2. Why ppl let count a 3k win for 2hours ? It sucks Balls-.-

  3. So the last slot guy won 23k and had those 2 blondes in the other room, life is so unfair

  4. Хуйня

  5. 08:45 what a music?

  6. Like i said before. You can see at the reaction if they play with real money. I mean letsgiveitaspin get 63×18 on that sharkgame and he acts like he just won a 5 off a scratch card. I mean like you wont just scream at the entire neighbourhood instead of a ding ding #fakeasfuck

  7. Fun-gamers

  8. This is so fake lol you can play for. Fun and it looks like you have real cash.

  9. German named knossi won in razor shark with 3€spin 9500€ post this its 2600×

  10. damn awesome

  11. Same Twats winning the HUGE!! cash-outs..Kinda boring now?

  12. How much like for Casino Grounds ? ❣

  13. what do the coins mean on razor shark? like the 50 coin.

  14. Why is Jartu not on youtube anymore?

  15. holy sheet

  16. Do you ever show just normal players big wins or only ppl who work for the casino

  17. Hell oo? Yes??? Lol

  18. I thought i was supposed to sub to jartuu to see his bonuses LUL

  19. What the f**k was that last game? Some kind of poker?

  20. You just re upload your video… I dont happy for this

  21. Another great video awesome job team

  22. 3

  23. Yay

  24. First!!!!

  25. сука первый

  26. 1

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