Best New Slots of January 2019

Best New Slots of January 2019

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This compilation shows what January’s new slot games have to offer.

Featured videos:
00:14 Spintwix is getting amazed by The Great Albini.
02:50 D-Labs is matching precious stones on Gemtastic.
04:20 LetsGiveItASpin taking a swing on Buster Hammer Carnival.
06:57 Miikapekka winning big on Holy Diver.
08:34 DCT Slot Channel is reaching for the sky in the new Cazino Cosmos.
11:25 Slotspinner is trying out the potential of The Wiz.
14:53 Raging Rex goes mental on Spintwix.
19:07 Bandit is giving his thoughts on Machina.
23:09 Big wins are floating down for Miikapekka on Wild Falls. [ad_2]

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  1. Много.михаресва казиното

  2. Why don't u put the stake size and how many x the win was anymore at the end of each clip??

  3. Good mix of new slots here. The only one I can think of that is missing is Ninja Ways. Unless I got my wires crossed and it came out in December / last year.

  4. <3

  5. "hello redtube" 6:40 lmao

  6. I only trust the banit even who upload this vid is fake

  7. Wheely big

  8. Miikaa's gf…. in Germany we say "Klammeraffe"

  9. Proper GOLD DIGGER comes to mine when i see miikapekka video she’s like yea 2k then 5k omg I’m going to give him pussy tonight then 10k comes in she may aswell proposed to him. Get rid miika if slots don’t take all the money she DEFINITELY will bro

  10. Holy Diver is ass

  11. Yeah, seems like Holy Diver was a bit too hyped up. We made a review on it for our channel.

  12. the cringe on Miikapekka, omg….

  13. no ninja ways?

  14. Holy Diver? more like worst games of January LUL
    great video like always though 🙂

  15. I clicked the video when it was 55 seconds up

  16. Helou youutube

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