Better Than Tigris Prime? | Warframe — Exergis

Better Than Tigris Prime? | Warframe — Exergis

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  1. you're just shit at the game lol

  2. I colored mine gold. Almost in defiance of your condescending taste.

    jk ilu

  3. bootleg tigris prime

  4. thank you kanye very cool

  5. Whats the song?

  6. Exergis is arca plasmors autistic brother

  7. The poses are always so wonderful 😀

  8. A lego shotgun

  9. welp im propably never gonna be able to get this weapon (and the other two that came with it) since i can barely exist on orb vallis alone and to have even a chance to get the profit taker bounty exlusive crafting materials for it i would have to go in with a team…yeah my laptop would froze for five years

  10. actually you only need 2 Forma XD

  11. The only good point about energis is that the riven dispo is still amazing, so with a riven it CAN reach or surpass Tigris prime… without its an inferior shit.

  12. UGLY??? Here's some Windex, go wash your eyes out

  13. Damnit Shy, you clickbaited me.

  14. Thats Why

    … idk

  15. Looks like a lego shotgun

  16. 4 forma is many? Sabuuchi got nothing on you.

  17. I like it when my insult machine is also inspirational.

  18. Exergis is the most fun I've had with a shotgun in a long time, and I think it looks kinda neat. I painted mine Brotherhood of Nod style, and it shoots tiberium shards at people. And it's surprisingly efficient at medium range, even with Vicious Spread. God damn what a cool gun.

    Also it's finally a change of pace from using Tigris as the defacto "problem solver". This bad boy does just as well.

  19. Ugly? I mean, I am, but this gun is feckin fancy.

  20. Im waiting for Redeemer


  22. Ugly?! I bought it just because of the look.

  23. The sound effects sound good though

  24. Yeah its pretty ugly

  25. sorry for not being in the stream i didnt have wifi and also i got diagnostified with

    L U M B A G O

  26. This can be made better than tigris p cauz 4/5 riven disposition. Needs investment tho

  27. Delet dat color scheme!

  28. I just noticed the channel logo is slightly off-centre.

  29. >makes a shitty design
    >calls it ugly

    nice vid tho as always

  30. she said: "its fun"
    i reacted: O_O "wtf"

  31. With the amount of Brigador music you use in your videos, have you ever considered doing a quick and cheesy Brigador review in your usual style?

  32. now i need to know if the new whip is any good? happy 2019 btw! hope your channel doesn't die!

  33. only 4 formas

  34. it looks great !

  35. I really like both the visual and sound design of the exergis

  36. How to customize arsenal?

  37. Gdi Shy. I clicked the video because of the title!

  38. Fun ? FUN ? HAH

  39. "short range" well duh its a shottie!

  40. a lot of forma needed? but all you need is 2 forma for the build you are using

  41. So meta.

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