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Here’s an incredible amazing awesome bonus round on the slot machine Bier Haus.

$0.50 (Minimum) Bet

Make sure and stay ’til the end!

Video taken at the Cannery Casino in north Las Vegas, Nevada. [ad_2]

22 комментария

  1. Come on VLR..sing la

  2. Are you actually this happy when gambling? If so, it must have been you at a blackjack table late one night in June that sat down with about 60 bucks. I've never seen anyone even close to as excited to win and depressed to lose. I couldn't even believe it was genuine it was so much. Sounded a whole lot like the voice here though! Good for you if winning $10 blackjack hands makes you as happy as that guy was, though!

  3. Nice sesh

  4. who Damn was playing in front screen? Saint Clause? it sounds like that! :v

  5. Woooooowwww uuuuu

  6. You're a classic man. Cheers from Japan

  7. That's great on 50 cents, imagine if it was on a higher bet…. I never get bonuses on higher bets, i think it's rigged that way…….

  8. I literally saw a 25 cent version of this and the jackpot was $111,245.00 LMFAO… tonight!!! it was fucking insane.

  9. You crack me up 6:52 "A little bit of pee came out"

  10. I got one for ya last yr I hit on Progressive Jackpots 21,003.96 on a .55 bet

  11. haha, you sound like your having sex with the machine.

  12. that's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen on 50 cents congrats

  13. I thought of this video. I finally got a 60 game trigger with 2 sticky wilds yesterday!!! It was beautiful

  14. Shit you nut!!! Lmao Deadly say little bit of pee came out. CRAZY!

  15. Thank VLR, love your videos!

  16. Absolutely incredible and on .50 cents, nice job man!

  17. on 50 Cent bet,, I'm going to all the wrong Casinos

  18. haha! "make the noise" .

  19. imagine that on max be!!!!

  20. damn bro congrats …i played this machine last night it is very hard to get the bonuses but once you get them…say hi to a good amount of money …by the way is this in las vegas?

  21. That game hardly ever nice win pooch! grab a cold one and bet bigger next time.

  22. This same slot machine at Hollywood Casino in Charles Town pays you nothing at .50. As a matter of fact see how many videos you can find of wins at Charles Town pitiful.

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