BIG BEN BIG WIN Casino Pauma Ca.

BIG BEN BIG WIN Casino Pauma  Ca.

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  1. good x guys congratulations

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    It' her life, and she' in the middle of it.

  3. He probably would not have gotten the jackpot if he was plaing ever notice that after you bet high, then go low, the machine hits?

  4. Nice win for 20 cents! I also didn't realize that the jackpot paid double in the bonus as well!

  5. Me and my wife was casino hopping that day. We did go to all casino in the area.

  6. Congratulations, but that casino sucks. Why not go to Pala or Harrah's down the road?

  7. 20c fuck me go home I dont bet any thing under $2.50 or $5 any thing under $2.50 is bull shit mate

  8. Fuck You. Obviously, he didn't need to bet more.

  9. Why were you only betting 20 cents? Cheap

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