Big Bet Blackjack — Good Shoes — Big Win

Big Bet Blackjack — Good Shoes — Big Win

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0:25 Gameplay
1:07 Tips and Strategy
6:50 Blackjack strategy when to hit on a 2
10:20 Split 9’s yes or no?
17:45 Dealer bust strategy
21:15 Eleven against a dealer 2

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The intended purpose of this video is to provide education and entertainment on various table games including but not limited to blackjack, poker, Texas stacks holdem, roulette, stacks holdem, four card stacks holdem, Hopefully you enjoy and follow along on this journey. Learn to play blackjack basic strategy. Play Blackjack with the dealer in this first person view format.

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  1. Where is the streak when he loses 12 in a row. That happens to me all the time.

  2. 20:16
    What would ya like?
    2 splits and 2 doubles.
    Here you go, split those.

  3. 日本人はいないのかな?

  4. Laying Low When Cards we're cold very nice

  5. These ads are beyond annoying.

  6. There are casinos that offer surrender if you play $50 or more, which you do. Maybe you should demonstrate a game that allows surrender.

  7. What is the dealer doing when he put his cards into a sensor or a lens whenever he got 10 or Ace??

  8. Can you stop saying money and say chips please?

  9. 嬴钱之后要每手二百,这样比较好,像你这样子赌法25一手然后每手加上去,赢得三.四手给杀一次就没有钱蠃的,是很不好的赌法,这是我的认为。

  10. Would of made good money playing bonus

  11. 완저이개불쇼네

  12. Good video, however ending music is cringy

  13. This is this dealer always so clumsy

  14. Any chance you could post up what you start with and what your make along the video? Would be cool to see. Also maybe at the end of each session post your win to loose rate of each hand. Love the vids

  15. Hope this restores my confidence . . . return to Atlantic City — Harrahs, Ballys & Crasars ! Loved

  16. You say the word 'sick' with such conviction..

  17. you make it look easy

  18. Extremely good player.

  19. When you play with the chips in your hand is that how you’re keeping count?

  20. How do you know how much to bet and when to bet? Do you raise when you're winning and lower when you're losing?

  21. There only playing with 4 decks that’s why it’s easier for him to assume what will be up next

  22. 5:25 do you ever split that?

  23. I wish I was 21 years old.

  24. Bruh the dealer said his cards at 2:31 never seen someone do that LOL

  25. What strategy are you using?

  26. Did you guys find out , when he’s luck is going down after two or three rounds he will bet it small after the luck is turn good back .. this the things we need to learn , control the gamble mood , don’t let it to control you, seems easy but difficult to do it all the time

  27. What does it mean when the dealer offers insurance

  28. Ссср

  29. What was the count at the end of the first and second shoes?

  30. Whats up with the blackjack man it going good for you

  31. What is your favorite drink?

  32. I think I saw you yesterday LOL but I wasn’t sure if it was you at an auction?

  33. Does anyone know what that black thing is the dealer puts the corner of the cards into? It’s only when he has a picture card or ace?

  34. 0:51 Face down!! I love that!!

  35. Keep ur bet same every hand

  36. What chips do you guys use?

  37. Great video as always. What strategy do you use?

  38. Come very videos pls.. very good

  39. How many decks are you playing 8 or 6?

  40. Where did u get those playing cards from pls?

  41. Really miss when you would start from nickels and build up from there. And should totally do a color in at the end. Love the videos brother keep it up!!

  42. I've wondered all ur videos, wich chip is what?

  43. How he khow that is black jack without seeing the cards ♦️

  44. I like the way you played the second shoe. Great strategy!!

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