Big Bet!! Crazy Double!! Huge Win From Book Of Ra 6!!

Big Bet!! Crazy Double!! Huge Win From Book Of Ra 6!!

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44 комментария

  1. Euro?!

  2. Too much many..

  3. LoL demo account

  4. that's not true

  5. Ihr seid alle Hurensöhne

  6. Kattelin noita chatteja ihan että kato suomalaisia sit kohta " voi vittu saatana vitun punanen" 😀

  7. 20k

  8. kappa

  9. this takes guts. I´ve seen a guy in Hamburg, Ger doubling 25.000 for 50.000eu on red, black……Before that he missed it twice…..Craziest Thing I´ve ever seen….. However, I know some Millionares who would not even gamble…. They don´t need to….Good luck

  10. I got 77k

  11. You are still the greatest son of a bitch

  12. dobry pojebaniec

  13. Ебать дурят)))

  14. And I play in Loki casino I like

  15. bla bla bla bla go sleep man

  16. Uomo di merda

  17. the fu…… biggest balls that i see lol

  18. Crazyyyy

  19. Jarttu ooks sä jesse setä mä oon sen serkku

  20. Хуя ты красавчик!!!

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  22. So lucky

  23. Yumalautaaaaaaaa

  24. Balls…..

  25. Whats best book of ra or book of ra 6???

  26. Its play money when its not i go amok !!

  27. WTF

  28. big balls

  29. hope u die in street bin poor and homeless for showing people madness and maybe someone will kill himself after lossing all hi got because of u

  30. Fail risk 10k

  31. !DOUBLE

  32. !DOUBLE

  33. !DOUBLE

  34. black red

  35. gawd iv lost so much money on this slot game hate!!!! it…

  36. That was amazzing jarrtu congrattsss broo 🙂

  37. erstmal schön abgegambled mit 10k

  38. Crazy man :))

  39. Der hat Eier 10k zu gambeln Respekt


  41. Bullshit

  42. 6 i will not double… maybe

  43. mania ?

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