Big FAT Winner!! $1,000,000 Win Big Maryland Lottery Scratch Off Ticket 18 Hits

Big FAT Winner!! $1,000,000 Win Big Maryland Lottery Scratch Off Ticket 18 Hits

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  1. I just won $100 and it was the first time I ever bought a ticket costing more than a dollar

  2. Did you know the lottery is fixed. The government watches the cameras through the gas station cameras to pick certain people to win

  3. I won twice in 6 months almost to the day $1000 each time on $5 tickets

  4. Congrats nice win

  5. Congrats!!!!

  6. Then 200

  7. I sold 1000$

  8. Just catching up on your videos from the past cause I finally have time and these are great you've come along way congratulations!! Awesome to watch

  9. Maryland is the og state

  10. Good bless you with many more congratulations that was awesome I bet you deserved it

  11. Thank you for showing your video

  12. lol nice win

  13. Hope all .

  14. ._. i just got a heart attack beacus in sweden if we scratch the code. the card is useless.

  15. Total Click Bait….Your video says $1,000,000 Win….jfc……500 bucks is fine, but call that a "Saturday Night Out in New York" win…..Not a million dollar win….damn…..and I guess you split that three ways as well? If you do, call it a "Wal-Mart 30 Minute Shopping Spree" win…..

  16. Why you make fake videos?

  17. Awesome My Man Wish ya Luck!

  18. Nobody ever wins the jackpots or the big amounts.the lottery is all rigged with paid actors as jackpot winners to keep ppl playing


  20. Nice.

  21. I remember winning 500 dollars too. Feels really nice. Wish i could go back and win again. Congrats guys!

  22. do you scratch and sniff?

  23. Stop while you are ahead . Believe me lottery is made to fuck us out of tons of money .

  24. 🙂

  25. That's it?

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