⭕️BIG LIVE WIN at Choctaw Casino with Brian Christopher on Slot Machines❗️#GOALLINatChoctaw #ad

⭕️BIG LIVE WIN at Choctaw Casino with Brian Christopher on Slot Machines❗️#GOALLINatChoctaw #ad

[ad_1] ⭕️LIVE at Choctaw Casino with Brian Christopher on Slot Machines❗️#GOALLINatChoctaw #ad

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⭕️LIVE at Choctaw Casino with Brian Christopher on Slot Machines❗️#GOALLINatChoctaw #ad [ad_2]

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  1. My old stomping ground,

  2. Rudies for life


  4. Your patience with all your fans is just so amazing and charming. I'm sure it gets exhausting but you are always sweet and enthusiastic. I can't wait to meet you sometime

  5. You are good advertisement for a casino. They should put you on the marquee.

  6. Love your Videos

  7. Did you see anybody drinking cans of beer in the parking lot before they go in lol.

  8. dam i missed it wish i could been there…hope to meet u may in vegas during on spring week next year…maybe ill get a ristband…..

  9. Yo quiero una de tus pulceras yo soy jugador aquí en México y creo que me va a dar mucha suerte sigo tu canal de Youtube y veo que tienes mucha buena vibra

  10. Koko says hi from forth worth, texas

  11. You were at Choctaw? I'm like 15 minutes from there! So mad I didn't get a chance to come say hi. Hopefully you swung by winstar as well.

  12. Great Video Brian! Line them up!

  13. Nancy i used to live on blue water oaks in Alvarado Texas

  14. Need to hit downstream casino resort outside Joplin Missouri on the Oklahoma border

  15. I finally go on vacation and miss you in my neck of the woods! (kinda) Drats! I can't believe you didn't go to Winstar! We go up every Friday :). Hope to meet you next time!

  16. hi good luck kiss for you

  17. Hope you are having a great time

  18. My cousin name is Avis

  19. Great video! They do have VGT slots at St Croix Casino in Turtle Lake, WI. I did not see any red screen games, but they did have a lot of Aristocrat/Gimme Games clones of Class III games. For example, Wild Americoins has a cowboy theme and Mighty Cash is "Crazy Cash" and instead of a female samurai theme, it is female pirates. Maybe they aren't allowed to have the same version of a game in Class II and Class III themes?

  20. What an enthusiastic crowd, keep winning and having fun!

  21. What a nice day at the casino with friends.. a day to remember

  22. Congrats on your winnings. Super live-stream.

  23. I don't know if someone mentioned this but regarding the bells ringing, they ring once for every $10 you win. ie $100 win = 10 bell rings.

  24. Aaahhhh! Brian is such a sweetie! A natural SWEETIE!

  25. brian can you shout out me from phillippines

  26. hi sir.. brian

  27. just curious, do you have a day job or do youtube full time having a blast gambling across the country?

  28. Fantastic live stream, congrats on the nice wins and TYFS!!!!

  29. Really wish you could make it to Tulsa!! Come play at riverspirit/margaritaville or hard rock!!!

  30. Now you see why I looooove that pbr game there.. I stayed on that most of the night cause it’d do that

  31. What does Marco do for a living lol to go to Paris

  32. 1000 likes!!! I have to say it…this was as much fun as your 10K hit…Also, if memory serves the longest you ever stayed on a machine was the one with Marco and you on the Sphynx.

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