BIG WIN★ULTRA MEGA MELTDOWN★MAX BET $5★Dollar Slot Machine, Barona Casino, Akafujislot

BIG WIN★ULTRA MEGA MELTDOWN★MAX BET $5★Dollar Slot Machine, Barona Casino, Akafujislot

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33 комментария

  1. U had some loud neighbors lol.

  2. Nice run !

  3. Very nice win and video!

  4. did you really have to put 6 adds in this damn video. alittle over kill don't you think…

  5. I love this game

  6. this is random, but…. why is it the best spots are "always" the hardest to reach

  7. I like it,L
    ,need more

  8. nice pull at 8min mark

  9. Can you rub some luck off on me? lol

  10. I've never seen this machine played. I know I'm watching past videos but congratulations on that. That was awesome to watch 

  11. too many ads.

  12. From 50 to 650 in less than 15 minutes.

  13. "That's a lot of hittin'"!

  14. When it started the ultra meltdown the music was scary

  15. Do you set a limit for yourself?  how do you decide to leave a slot once you've hit?  I notice you kept right on playing even after winning jackpots.

  16. Nice win!!

  17. Congrats on the great video! You are featured on this weeks top 5 slot videos of the week. You can view it here!

  18. This machine was good to you! You are a very lucky person! This is one of my favorite channels. It's always nice to watch!

  19. great win! i love this melt down game when it pays!!! lol

  20. I was hoping you'd break $1000 and you did. Nice hits along the way. Thanks for the ride!

  21. great win congrats!

  22. I don't usually play 3 reel slots, but I'm trying to play one every now and then since you do so well on them. Sounds like a party going on at Barona — celebrating your wonderful win, no doubt.You picked a good time to stop. : )

  23. Very nice win without the taxes! Congrats! I lost $100 at Barona last week, and in the losing streak since the construction. I really like the radiation slots.

  24. Nice win congrats

  25. 結局1000ドルは手に入れるって流石だ〜〜‼️

  26. Damn I gotta play this game. Looks so fun.

  27. She's always winning what ever machine is….did u try high limit bet like 20 bet?

  28. You do like these Everi high Limit! And what's not to love!! Congrats!

  29. That was a fantastic run! Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  30. As good as your wins were, you had to be at least a little bit sick at 14:51 that you didn't hit the game's top pay there!

  31. another great win

  32. I've only played that machine one time and it was a lot of fun with the re-spins. Nice run!

  33. This is one of my favorite slots…MGM Vegas has one $5,$10,$25 in highlimit area,hit it every time we go…last trip $4000…Play on !!

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