BIG WIN★Wild Wild Gems★Dollar Slot Machine★9 lines Max Bet $9, Barona Casino, Akafujislot

BIG WIN★Wild Wild Gems★Dollar Slot Machine★9 lines Max Bet $9, Barona Casino, Akafujislot

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  2. Omg

  3. Awesome

  4. Ngài Thượng Tọa Thích Thiện Minh,vị chân tu đáng kính.Xứng đáng lãnh đạo Giáo Hội Phật Giáo VN Thống Nhất,và hướng dẩn toàn dân đi đúng con đường chính nghĩa dân tộc,không theo bọn sư PG.quốc doanh bưng bô đảng CS bán nước.

  5. 🙂

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  7. Hit the spin button jackass instead of waiting

  8. Hello

  9. $1 259 jackpot

  10. I hit that same slot machine in Reno for $1100…
    I like those ones at $9 max bet.

  11. can you play at home.

  12. Congrats! Subscribed. Please subscribe back

  13. Don't Go to Barona Casino. They abuse people.One of their bus drivers kicked my friend off their bus miles from his destination and miles from his automobile at 2AM.When he complained to management, they accused him of threatening to bomb the bus and banned him from the casino.

  14. You're lucky

  15. last time i won 967$ jackpot for 10$ 1 time lol

  16. それはすごかったね。ほとんどハンドペイー。

  17. machine is on fire:) well done!

  18. Thats a nice win, however its the REDs you want to get for the really big win. I play it all the time.

  19. A

  20. I enjoy watching but the ads drive me nuts to many

  21. I'm just wondering these Everi machines pay very good recently, became a big fan of machines like wild gems.
    Have you tried Black Diamond? It's a 9 line slot, 25c or $1 denomination, and from Everi.

  22. Awesome run on this machine.✨

  23. Awesome! Good for you!

  24. Awesome win

  25. I love your videos. You have great luck!!!!

  26. Love the white guy married to a filthy negro commerical

  27. Very nice again!
    Question for you- those games like this one, and Patriot, etc at Barona are the bingo game version- I saw the bingo card on the top of the slot on this video. Most slots there are regular but these are not.
    I play these too, although usually quarter version. Do you ever change the bingo card when it is not paying for a lot of spins? Or stay on one. I usually change the card when it's not winning for many spins, wonder if you try or not? Usually helps me.

  28. I always enjoy watching you win, Akafuji. Thanks for sharing your game with us.

  29. Fantastic run! Congrats and thanks for sharing.

  30. good hit!

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