BIG WIN!! ★ NEW GAME ★ «MISS KITTY GOLD» (MAX BET!) Slot Machine Bonus Videos

BIG WIN!! ★ NEW GAME ★ «MISS KITTY GOLD» (MAX BET!) Slot Machine Bonus Videos

[ad_1] BIG WIN!! ★ NEW GAME ★ «MISS KITTY GOLD» (MAX BET!) Slot Machine Bonus Videos

HEART-STOPPING GROUP PLAY w/ Rex and me on the NEW «MISS KITTY GOLD» — Bonusing at the LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT!!! $6.00 Max Bet.

Nickel Denom. The Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas

I often go to LAS VEGAS CASINOS to gamble and play the SLOT MACHINES, hoping for BIG WINS!!! But, as we all know with SLOT MACHINES, getting a JACKPOT ain’t easy. Hell, getting a SUPER BIG WIN ain’t easy!!! At some point, we’re just hoping for a BONUS. Usually a «handpay» strikes on a slot machine when you are least expecting it! So enjoy the slot videos, and have FUN!!!!

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33 комментария

  1. u touch the screen it wii stop . see when u did not stop it u got thebunos.

  2. As often as this guy curses God, he should lose everything.

  3. love kitty and the Cosmo Great casino…good luck guys love your videos

  4. For fuck sakes, push the damn button to make it go faster. Nothing bad happens if you push the button.

  5. Keep your hands off the screen and put em where they belong..up your ass

  6. Brent some one stole this video . The user name " slot machine"

  7. too much talking—you are like those annoying old ladies that play—to make it complete wipe the screen and touch the screen to show us what you missed—SD Guys videos are so much better

  8. I bet Rex's boi pucci tastes like buttery pudding.

  9. I bet Rex's boi pucci tastes like buttery pudding.

  10. Gold Version? Never saw it before, but it looks cool!

  11. Great video it has Rex!

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  13. beautifully done!!

  14. Super Sweet Win Brent & Rex!!! FUN Video!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  17. Wtg Brent and Rex!! Love those kitties!!!!

  18. Almost 100X is a great bonus! Only thing better than a first spin bonus is a last spin bonus!

  19. Awesome win on miss kitty. Woo hooo!!!! Im loving this game

  20. Awesome Bonus.  Congrats!

  21. great win Felecia enjoyed it

  22. Fun to watch and hear you and Rex play Miss Kitty Gold and good win. I guess I'll have to give this game a try next trip, I ignored it last week. 🙂

  23. when you touch the screen you stop the spin

  24. That sassy cat was nice to you!

  25. glad u r back! missd ur videos!!

  26. From dead to Riches WOW Thanks for sharing

  27. Can't wait to play this one. Great win guys.

  28. Meow! Awesome win!

  29. Nice one fellas! Congrats!!!

  30. wow kitty was good to you guys for sure!!! very nice

  31. i adore you both. great win. love the graphics on this one. Sexy Rexy, that you in the Equality Now commercial? im a browncoat, we support EN.

  32. You know what they say!!! It isn't over till it's over!! Great job guys. Nice win!

  33. Amazing hit you two! And, on your last spin, how great is that!

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