BIG WIN!! (1) $10 Gold Rush Doubler + (1) $10 24 Karat Cash — Florida Lottery Scratchers

BIG WIN!! (1) $10 Gold Rush Doubler + (1) $10 24 Karat Cash — Florida Lottery Scratchers

[ad_1] Watch Tater scratch (1) of the $10 Gold Rush Doubler and (1) of the $10 24 Karat Cash tickets from the Florida Lottery.

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The 3 Stooges

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  1. Go tater!

  2. Awesome Tater

  3. Good for you Tater!

  4. Good win!


  6. Haha, Great win Tater!!! Been pulling for you to get a good one for a while now!

  7. Very nice win on a difficult ticket

  8. Were from Lakeland, but me and my friends go to that spot to fish all the time. I've seen dolphins beaching themselves after bait fish.

  9. Nice win on that flop ticket Tater…lol Have a wonderful weekend…

  10. Its so pretty there. I live in Homosassa/Crystal River area on the gulf.

  11. What a beautiful place. Great video and awesome win.

  12. I have to go there and try fishing!!!!!! Our waters down here are terrible with Red Tide, Algae, etc!!!!!

  13. Awesome Tater man, you deserve it!!!! Great victory against the floppy florida lottery!!!! Who wants to go half on that ticket with me?

  14. Awesome win Tater and Happy Friday. Those subs are growing

  15. Nice win congrats

  16. Woohoo Tater !! : )

  17. Nice win! Beautiful scenery!!

  18. Whoohoo! Hundo win in a beautiful place! Smh. 1.7k subs. Just yesterday you were a wee spud lol. Vote for Tater!

  19. Yay!!! Congrats

  20. Check out my big boys uploads, soon will have a big claimer. I'm serious.

  21. Nice win bro! Cool video too!

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