Big WIn! $1 Denom Jackpot Party!

Big WIn! $1 Denom Jackpot Party!

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  1. Lol I new something was wrong I guess I was not paying close attention I thought you was playing pennies every time you got a 5 or 10 or 25 I was thinking that was 5¢ 10¢ or 25 ¢ I was like is this guy serious as a gambling lover I was like this guy is driving me insane with these penny wins lol great win CONGRATS! 🙂

  2. Boy this game is a let down,

    No one dancing? That is sooo not a jackpot party without some dancing. Jejejej

  3. Excellent round. I think it's called Surprise, not lights out

  4. This is a nice win; congrats!

  5. LOl! 465 is not a big win on a dollar slot. Next!

  6. So cool 🙂

  7. so how much you reckon you've lost on these machines? 

  8. very nice picking. awesome win

  9. advice to you: When you get the multiplier, always pick around where the multiplier is, either beside it, above it or below it. lots of times, the whack a pooper or dance bonuses are usually near it, but not all the time, of course. besides I always pick near it in case it's a pooper, that way if it is, I can clear them out, as long as the multiplier bonus is active, and the pooper won't stop the party.

    I remember years ago, I picked the 10x multiplier and then picked the dance bonus, and he danced up to 24.00 which turned to 240.00. I was so excited when that happened.

    Good game!

  10. Nice picking — got yourself a nice win — congrats! 

  11. way to go congrats

  12. Nice pickin.  Too many first-pick poopers, one and dones for me on this so I don't play it.

  13. Great picking!

  14. good win and video

  15. cool havent played this in dollars nice win

  16. Never played the $1, but it's definitely going on my "to play" list..nice win

  17. Very good bonus on the dollar denom. Congratulations!

  18. I love jackpot party and you did some great picking!

  19. Great pickin, great video! Thumbs up!

  20. There ya go!!  Awesome win and good picking buddy.  

  21. So much fun! Great bonus 🙂

  22. I love $1 Jackpot Party. Great picking, I usually get the pooper on my first pick and seldom get to play whack a popper and let's dance!  Fun bonus to watch and congrats on the big win! 

  23. Excellent picking there! I too had thought…pick the one on the left of the 3x multiplier before you actually picked lol! Great win.

  24. Nice one!

  25. Nice bonus Jason

  26. nice pics!! I just start smacking the screen when I get the bonus on this one and try and pop that shit all at once!! haha I think that worked one time!

  27. well good job im very proud of you. Im the picking master. I always pick the pooper on the first pick and then pick the 40% chance credit prize. thats why im never playing this again , you did well nice win enjoyed 😉

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