[ad_1] Big win on the new $1,000,000 JACKPOT scratch off lottery ticket. This scratch off ticket was just released this week, and from past experiences it seems the lottery usually pays out some BIG WINS in the first few weeks of a tickets release, and it turned out to be true again in this case.

How big of a win was it, and was it a big enough win to make a trip to the lottery claim office…watch to find out.

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  1. u finally won jeff it was the lucky monkey right? hows the misses buddy?

  2. Really nice!

  3. $250 hell yeah

  4. You should go live with your scratchers, I do

  5. Nice win

  6. Nice win

  7. So happy for you. A decent winner at last. You totally deserve it. Aloe Vera all round. Lol. Hope you coped with the freezing weather and are all ok x

  8. Was hoping for more money bags n more money. Nice win jeff

  9. Awesome video jigsaw! I got a 10 dollar ticket with 10 matches and they faked me out it was 2 bucks under every one lol.

  10. Congrats buddy nice hit

  11. Good looking out Jeff! Keep the drive alive Buddy. We'll see you next time.

  12. Hi Jeff I hope you get a claimer. Best of luck my friend. Whodathunkit cat food.

  13. Congratulations! Wow really nice win!! Enjoy your day!!

  14. Cool, nice to see a big win…. and yes I still consider anything over $100 a big win when it comes to these Lottery tickets!!!

  15. Nice win

  16. Told ya that big one was coming buddy ,God bless you JJ

  17. Nice win Jeff.

  18. Sweet win! Congratulations friend

  19. Big white line on top ??? Claimer??? Come on Jeff not the 5.00 tickets ….lol

  20. Sweet !!!!

  21. 13 minute video but nice try Jeff LOL

  22. Congrats jigsaw great win

  23. Hi Jeff, I have to say of all the scratchers you have the best commentary and sense of humor

  24. I got the notification and almost lost my mind, been waiting on the video Jigsaw, thanks buddy.

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