BIG WIN!! 10X Symbol PLUS wins on ALL games!! HUGE $10 scratch-off lottery ticket

BIG WIN!! 10X Symbol PLUS wins on ALL games!! HUGE $10 scratch-off lottery ticket

All the games on this HUGE lottery ticket had a winner!! I scratch off a big $10 lottery ticket in this video and found the 10X symbol plus wins on every other game this lottery ticket had on it.

It was a big win considering this ticket is somewhat difficult to win more than a break even prize. Finding the 10X symbol plus the other wins was somewhat unusual.

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  1. I KNEW IT!! I KNEW IT!! I told you the pieces are going to come together!! YES GOOD WIN!! Next one is going to be a BIG WIN!! Take care and God bless Jigsaw Jeff!! YEAH!!!

  2. The odds on back refer to the books that they make of the tickets, not the individual tickets.

  3. Excuse me, please… 1,2,3,4, then 10X… why do you say "Nuttin'?" LOL

  4. pretty games

  5. Grat job lottery win $100 dollar's

  6. Very good win and u are very inspiring thanks.

  7. Not to talk shit or nothing but… Cmon man you talk too much get right to the action bro… I know we all be skipping to the scratching… Just sayin man… But good wins tough… Congrats…

  8. I love your accent I’m from the uk don’t get to hear American accent that often

  9. Hello Jigsaw Jeff. Ms. Venus in Dallas, Texas 3/28/2018

  10. 6I love your videos, you make me smile? Thanks

  11. Сотенчик! $$$ 🙂

  12. You're hilarious! I hope you win Jigsaw Jeff!!!!

  13. Nice win. I enjoy your videos.

  14. Talk less, scratch faster. Should have been a four minute video.

  15. Nice win!

  16. Nice win

  17. u might be wondering who is this here in this message well it serves 2 purposes one to say hello and 2 is that u and ur fam have a very blessed holidays!

  18. The fist 3 minutes just talk

  19. All that suspense and build up for a lousy $100?! GEESH!

  20. That was a good comeback. Congrats i loved this video. You had me yelling Go jigsaw jeff. YAY

  21. Youre back i missed you.

  22. Nice

  23. great win santa boot are lucky welcome back!! ✌

  24. WELCOME BACK!!! I missed you! Great win and you know I love your video(S). I'm so happy you got a nice win. You deserve it!

  25. Very nice win! Congrats!

  26. That was a good win Jigsaw Jeff.

  27. good hit

  28. nice winner there good to see you back

  29. Very nice and Merry Christmas!

  30. Nice win jigsaw Jeff ,way to go buddy .

  31. Nice Win! Noah says good job jigsaw Jeff! Have a Merry Christmas!

  32. That ticket has to be a misprint. : )

  33. Better than a lump of coal!!! Merry Christmas Jigsaw!

  34. Shut up and scratch the damn ticket

  35. Very nice win bro 🙂 welcome back 🙂

  36. glad your back

  37. Great win brother

  38. Congratulations Jeff… For Virginia Beach

  39. I've had pretty good luck on it.  Found a hundred twice, fifty once or twice and lots of 20s and 30s.

  40. Glad to see you back JJ!

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