BIG WIN! 15 matches on a $50 lottery ticket! New chase rd 2

BIG WIN! 15 matches on a $50 lottery ticket!  New chase rd 2

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  2. How do u connect this to the games u play

  3. Great hit!

  4. Nice $40 win on that Lotteria (18:35)

  5. I have not had much luck on the $20 Money. Good Luck and thanks for sharing



  8. The 50 dollar premeire play is always a losing ticket. I have at least 1000 dollars worth of losses from that series, in just 2 months time span.

  9. What a great set of tickets. Love the Million Dolla JACKPOT tickets. Keep scratchin & winnin AR.

  10. The very first time I played that ticket I had great luck. Ended the session $100 up roughly. I've played it on and off since then and havent got anything back haha. Given up on it, you have far more patience than I do!

  11. Nice win

  12. Nice. Win. Damm. Boyyyyy

  13. The winning numbers haven't showed in 3 days

  14. Great video keep them coming have a great evening

  15. Good evening my wayward brother. Great round two. Have you looked into a stearing wheel tray. It connect to your stearing wheel. I figured you might be interested in it. Have a great night

  16. Hemp bill! McHenry county Illinois farmers for Trump 2020.

  17. Sweet win

  18. Love the channel…your my hero!!! LOL

  19. Brilliant video so much fun to watch thank you and good luck

  20. Great win on that 50. I may get a 50 dollar one day

  21. Right now, my iPad battery is at 6% but I’m using it while it’s charging but I try not to do it on a regular basis because I will have to keep buying new chargers from time to time

  22. Good video! Where can I get a scratch coin?

  23. Where's the "little man" been, haven't heard him for a while…

  24. congrats

  25. For some odd reason, I enjoy watching you play the Loteria game…lol

  26. Nice session congrats

  27. God, AR, we thought you were packed in and buried last video! XD We're sorry for doubting you, but that hole you dug was DEEP! o.O Your great luck and perseverance are legendary, brother! Now, come on and get that loss turned around in the next session! 😀

  28. Yell pesky number one for headphone users lol please

  29. Should be at least 50 each spot on the 50 ticket

  30. Nice win brother! Finally catching a break

  31. Your winning numbers done come up when you say that has happened on a few of your videos x

  32. Very nice win!! Congrats!!

  33. Good win i spent 80 bucks on lotto and got 350 back

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