[ad_1] BIG WIN AGAIN!! Another big win was found on a scratch off lottery ticket in this video. Today I scratch off $65 worth of lottery tickets from the Hoosier Lottery. Two $20 tickets and one $25 Gold Bullion lottery ticket. I was feeling a little nervous scratching off the big dollar tickets and was very relieved to find the big win!!

How big of a win was it…was it enough to make a trip the the lottery claim office? Watch to find out. Thanks for watching, please be sure to subscribe, comment, like and share.

Please play responsibly [ad_2]

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  1. Good win jigsaw always fun watching happy fourth of July keep the luck running

  2. It ain't over until it's over Jeff! Great win!

  3. I won 1k in this ticket

  4. hey Jeff I'm in southern Indiana and I show my tickets online but I did purchase a 10 dollar 50 x ticket yester day I had a 10 x multiplier I hit 100 dollars today another 50x no multiplier but did hit 200 dollars

  5. Great wins Jeff. Love the lifesaver scratcher

  6. Your excitement when you get a match is so funny lol

  7. This is the best scratcher channel on YouTube your awesome

  8. Congratulations 🙂

  9. Wire me some cash. I'm in need sir

  10. Great win !!!!

  11. Not very entertaining…

  12. Amazing win…. But have to ask did you eat the life saver?

  13. WOW! Congratulations Jigsaw Jeff!!! Love the life savers.

  14. Had to go ahead and subscribe. I get a relaxing thrill watching and wishing. One day I will get the nerve up again

  15. I don’t like when people write big win in the title. I mean 200$ is nice but the title should be like “nice win” or something. When I see Big win, I’m thinking like thousands of dollars. But you gotta have a little click bait in there

  16. Awesome win! Congratulations

  17. Grat job for win the money $200

  18. Ck out my latest videos Saw JIG jeffers

  19. Nce hit Jeff!!

  20. Nice win jeff.Stay with the program.Use that

  21. 200 is not a big win wtf?

  22. Congrats, Jigsaw Jeff! That was a great win! You really took the “axe” to the root of that lottery ticket and got a “sweet” win! I’m sure having spent $65 made that ticket a real “lifesaver!” Spend it wisely and you won’t sweat! Blessings upon blessings my friend!

  23. An Axe man who likes cherry flavored lifesavers I love it!

  24. HEY don't get too excited and eat that lifesaver…..har har

  25. Nice win !!

  26. Very nice winner well deserve my friend love the videos

  27. Congrats !!

  28. Awesome buddy, congrats 🙂

  29. Nice win jigsaw jeff!! Good for you!!

  30. Keep that up and you won't need the big prize just small ones along the way.

  31. I love watching your videos

  32. Do you do pools? Id like to join one with you!!!

  33. Awesome Win!! Hope the streak continues for you and even a bigger hit! Hope all is well!

  34. Congratulations. Don't forget to breathe

  35. Nice win jigsaw

  36. Wow another fantastic win. The lifesaver worked haha. Congrats on the big win and yet again another great video. What a great way to start your weekend.

  37. GOOD WIN: Congrats Jigsaw….

  38. Lady luck is on your side. Congratulations. Keep winning

  39. You are on a roll keep em coming

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