BIG WIN Awesome Run on Tree of Wealth Slot Machine! MAX Bet!!!

BIG WIN Awesome Run on Tree of Wealth Slot Machine! MAX Bet!!!

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  1. Great video. Love the winz

  2. I watch her smile my favourite love it . Beautiful.

  3. eres hermoisisisima y me alegra cuando recuperas y ganas a las maquinas, me da penita cuando pierdes y pones tu carita de pucherito pero ahi vas ganadora un besote.

  4. i would really like to meet you go gamble

  5. Lucky you stuck the extra 100 in.That was awesome well done and love that smile

  6. Hola. Tus videos son muy buenos pero no juegas con inteligencia. Me gustaría mucho enseñarte a jugar racionalmente para que pierdas lo menos posible. Saludos. Ricardo

  7. Do you use after effects to block out your surroundings?

  8. Like the fact you keep your vids short.

  9. Very nice hits, I need a tree of wealth in my back yard,lol think I would've went back to the link after that big win

  10. Sarah, you are truly beautiful! Natural beauty and elegant!

  11. Great going girl. Congrats

  12. You are so beautiful sarah,and i like your video's..

  13. Got my first ever bonus on that version of lightning link! Pretty tough to get a bonus

  14. SOOOO SOOO GOOOD — happy for ya !!!

  15. Anyone thinks this chick is hot as fuck hahah

  16. That was great, way to go, i enjoyed watching that win.

  17. Great wins! Very nice video—continued luck to you!

  18. The tree of wealth has revitalized your funds for future slots!

  19. GREAT job ! Again, people have no idea the feeling of dread when you are betting that high and watching your money going so quick hoping something will hit. So happy it paid off for you . Keep the streak going rockstar 🙂

  20. CONGRATS!!, Was this at Cosmo??

  21. Great win

  22. My favorite lightning link didn’t win your heart this time, but that was a great run! I probably would’ve gone another $100 in it myself, but I scratch tickets on my channel lol

  23. Did you fix the Cosmo issues?  Everyone and their brother stream and records there, why were they giving you a hard time?  Good luck…

  24. Very nice

  25. U should sell keychains and lucky rabbits foot

  26. You have such great luck! Maybe the gods smile upon pretty female slots players

  27. God damn you fine!!!

  28. Tree of Wealth Seems Bad Ass Nice Payout Precious Sarah!!!!! You will need to Play Tree of Wealth Again!!!!! Fun Video Sincerely Thomas Raymond of Fresno California!!!!!!

  29. awesome vid Sarah…..x

  30. You’re head is floating in the corner. Makes me feel drunk.

  31. Everyone asks if your married? Are you married?

  32. What i love about your vids is you look so happy when your with your friends on live stream.. I love it.. You have the BIGGEST SMILE…

  33. Love yuo videoo

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