Big Win Baseball (Ep. 1) — Meet the Jetsons

Big Win Baseball (Ep. 1) — Meet the Jetsons

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  1. the number is their overall dude

  2. you lose because you keep skipping to end, i'm not watching this series anymore.

  3. My goodness! its so glitchy

  4. That’s what I felt like at the start, but know I’m one of the best

  5. Sou lag

  6. Did anyone else die laughing when they threw him out at home then got off a good hit on his team

  7. i liked and subscribed and im your 1 thousandth subscriber

  8. The overall is not there numbers

  9. Who else is watching this whilst playing the game

  10. This guy dosnt understand how you can get balls and struck so in one play. Funny to watch 😉

  11. idk if it my WiFi or your recoding system

  12. I am 1600-700 my team is the CF Nighthawks

  13. I won my first game 17-1

  14. by the way the number in the baseball is there rating not number ☺

  15. Noob

  16. Dude it's a one pitch at bat they try not to make the games too long

  17. You should put silver players in there better, and the number an the card IS THERE OVERALL

  18. It's there rank!!!!

  19. I play this game good video

  20. This guy never actually played as a little kid, he's playing in 2014 and it was released in 2014

  21. that's the overall

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