*BIG WIN!* BIER HAUS | WMS — W/ RETRIGGER! Slot Machine Bonus

*BIG WIN!* BIER HAUS | WMS — W/ RETRIGGER! Slot Machine Bonus

[ad_1] Happy Oktoberfest! Big Win on the original Bier Haus by WMS (still one of my personal favs). Started with 15 free spins + 3 locked wilds and later retriggered for more spins. $2.00 bet. Caesars, AC. [ad_2]

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  1. love these machine in my last vegas trip i wined over 200 dollars 2 days in a row first at Planet Hollywood using a 20 dollar bill toke out 270 ,next day downtown at El Cortez investing 60 dollars toke out 230.
    at ceasars palace i played it also but lost 2 times 40 dollars.

  2. Very good Albert! This too is one of my favorite games, pisses me off at times, but still love it. Enjoyed watching this and hope you did't gobble till you wobbled!

  3. Great bonus Albert! I can see why this is one of your favorites. Heidi gave you some love back. 😉

  4. Wow!! That's a great win!!

  5. Without being too nosy, do you typically pull out when you get a big jackpot like that? I think my highest ever pay was on a 3 reel dollar machine and it was about $1017 off $20. I pulled that out real quick!! In Aus, sometimes pays under $50 are dispensed in coins, and over were attendant hand pays, but now most big clubs have a printed ticket for all pays which sucks if you're down to $20 and want to change machines because you have to go to the change desk! Great win man, I don't gamble often at all now, but I love these videos.

  6. Congrats, Albert! A great win! P.S. You're such a tease. 😉

  7. Good way to celebrate Octoberfest — lots of steins and lots of jugs. (I can't believe I actually said that.) Glad you enjoyed your bier, Albert.

  8. Nice Albert! Haven't been playing these types of slots for a while, can be *SO* difficult to trigger a bonus and one that pays well.

  9. Beers N Boobs! Best G+ Deluxe game IMO. Awesome win Al, and can't wait to see the followup!

  10. Super nice win homie I kept getting pissed you were so close to line hits

  11. gotta love when they line up

  12. That was terrific even without one "sparkle show", those sticky Heidis landed perfectly for you!
    Congrats Slot Tease 😉

  13. Bier Haus has never paid out for me. I probably haven't played enough of it at my locals but even playing the free versions online I've done poorly. Seems Hans and Heidi don't like me very much. We also have BH 200. Then again, I've never done well with WMS' newer slots. Best hit so far this year was $41.25 on Wizard of Oz: Emerald City, that big slot.

  14. Nice win! I got to give this machine a whirl sometime!

  15. So you're just using us to keep us subscribed to your channel for your benefit Hmm… i feel so used Albert!! 🙁 lol

  16. Damn nice bonus my friend, and WTH making us wait lol.

  17. Fantastic win on Bier Haus. Nothing can replace the original. Glad you earned a great score. Congrats 🙂

  18. That was a nice result Albert! God job managing to re-trigger it when you have those wilds! Looking forward to the next video 🙂

  19. nice win!!

  20. yea! awesome bonus home skillet!! u in vegas?

  21. Great bonus win and locked wild placement! That next bonus should be even better, wow!

  22. Albert those wilds fell into a nice place for you. That was a very nice video and a great win!!

  23. Great win, Albert! Can't wait for that next one you showed us!

  24. nice and next one nicer! Great 🙂 look forwards

  25. Wow nice win and nice tease.

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