[ad_1] BIG WIN WITH BIG ZEROS!! There’s nothing better than getting a big win on a scratch off lottery ticket, but when you see big zeros start to appear, it just makes the win that much for exciting. That’s what happened on one of these scratch off lottery tickets in this video.

I scratch off a variety of lottery tickets in this video. They always say it’s about being in the right place at the right time when it comes to finding winners, I guess today I was in the right place at the right time, as a nice BIG win was found. How big of a win was it? Watch to find out if I can retire from the winnings or not.

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  2. Only critique is although you happened to get $200…you claim big zeros are coming a lot. A single win could easily have just $20 under it.

  3. I love YOU

  4. Good on mate

  5. Great win good job! How do I go about sending you tickets

  6. Your sooo sweet! I’m a Hoosier myself! Congrats

  7. Woo hoo

  8. Great win! Never over till it's done!

  9. I have been winning 50$ on the 10$ tickets we have in Canada almost every time

  10. Loved your background music…lol

  11. God bless

  12. You are the best jigsaw jeff !!!

  13. Dude… Less talking more scratching !!!!!!

  14. You take too long and talk too much

  15. Videos are way too long, don't talk so much.

  16. Too much talking

  17. Pisses me off! I never win on scratches.

  18. Wow 4 the piggy bank lol nice win Jeff

  19. way to go

  20. you spend 5thousand bucks to win 200

  21. a fool and his money soon parts

  22. Great win!

  23. Had too sub your channel . I'm a daily scratcher of about 10$ a day . Love your attitude .

  24. Jigsaw Jeff, I watch your videos in their entirety!!!! That's the excitement hunni

  25. Great win. Which state?

  26. Omg took u long enough to scratch it all 4 200 bucks..i would have thought u got at least a minimum of a thousand.. but its still a great win. Congrats that will buy u alot more tickets

  27. Congrats

  28. Why on every American scratch card video does it take you forever to do a card. You should learn off some British ones we do it properly

  29. Even though i don't watch in order that is a great win Jeff!

  30. @jigsaw Jeff hit me up if you want to split 50-50 for future videos twice as much content for the same amount 🙂

  31. Great Win

  32. God please stop with the annoying music, sound effects, and add-ons to the videos.

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