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BIG WIN: Blizz Finally LISTENED! The Mega Fast 8.3 Leveling Trick, Shadowlands’s BIG Decision + MORE

BIG WIN: Blizz Finally LISTENED! The Mega Fast 8.3 Leveling Trick, Shadowlands’s BIG Decision + MORE

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Another big week for Warcraft! Classic updates, insane leveling speeds & major 8.3 system changes!

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  1. Try Dashlane Premium free on your first device: https://www.dashlane.com/Bellular
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  2. Quick question, does blizzard ban people for staying logged in more than 48 hours?

  3. You are click-baiter ! I saw minature and thought "Finally, they made right decision and will fire the Hazzikostas".

  4. Disagree but still enjoy the video Belluar, I think RPG's SHOULD be definitive choices. That have both Mechanical AND aesthetic choices. But as you have said there is an argument for both!

  5. What if you got the abilities from your covenant for free, but you had to get revered or exalted with others covenants in order to get theirs as an option?

  6. You'd think they could have figured this out 2 years ago

  7. Everyone is so hyped about Shadowlands but its going to be pure shit again. The sad thing is that you can already see why: 1) Covenant abilities 2) Covenants themselves

  8. To little, to late. I for one do not care anymore what happens to Blizzard are to ActiVision. They are pas history. Blizzard was once very good but upon being bought my ActiVision they have lost their reputation.

  9. mind*

  10. I don't minf if they don't listen, i just play other games…no reason to be upset

  11. Are they really listening..are they really???smh

  12. Now if only we did not have to do a ton of uninteresting things just so we can fly.

  13. Fast lvling in 8.3…..koraks revenge which is gone before 8.3. Gg bell

  14. you need to get more up to date with your content, Korraks Revenge finished/finishes before 8.3 bad video

  15. hii, how we will keep leveling fast after korrak revenge end ??

  16. Idk about you but.. Bellular kinda looks a lil like Lester from GTA

  17. Leveling regularly isn't even that time consuming.
    1-15 quest
    15-90 dungeon spam. Quest during queues if not tank or heal.
    90-100 draenor treasures. Takes between 1-2h if you've got the addon.
    100-120 korrak's. Legion invasions from 100-110 is also good, and 110-120 can be done in a few hours with flying and gathering nodes around Kul Tiras. Everyone complains at how long it takes to level, yet they don't seem to be leveling at all.

  18. They don’t listen let’s be real

  19. dark web scanning? pack swim trunks and sunscreen

  20. I love choosing a covenant and getting a movement ability but the class ability messes with the feel. Maybe get class ability later though the soulbinds as ultimate ability. Then you get a guest by your covenant to get something from other covenants which will allow you to choose. If you JUST choose it feels traitor like to just choose another covenants ability. Not to mention i dont want a class ability right away, i want to just experience the covenant.

  21. Looks more like they're making it impossible to be a casual player that doesn't raid.

  22. Like a lot of other people, I find that the "mega fast 8.3 leveling trick" bothered me.
    Buzzwords and all that, but you're creating false expectations at this point.

  23. Please stop saying “have went”. 😉

  24. Are you saying that i can finally transmog shadowmourne?

  25. what are the mog at 8:00 minutes ?

  26. You never learn.

  27. I just really, really hope we get tier sets back 🙁

  28. they should remove the M+ cache

  29. a perfect way to balance a mmorpg is to focus on nothing but pve side of things as a base. when you go to pvp you simply match people who will pvp by skill rating, not just a numbered rank either I mean number of wins and loses taken in consideration and amount of battles, deaths, kills… each broken down by classes to give a better overall look at each players skill. once that's done the player rating will match you with others near the same rating so people that suck at pvp will only fight others that suck at pvp and those that are great will have the fight of their lives. this removes things that don't matter like level, gear, class, and build and makes pvp totally on skill.

    will not ruin the pve side of things by making powers totally worthless either.

    alternatively they can have a pvp power pool where you can only use the powers in that pool and a talent tree for that power pool only that's made for pvp and doesn't work in pve then you can balance THAT power pool with all the other classes power pools and it would have NO effect on pve at all.

  30. Retail wow is shit, vanilla is raining supreme

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