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Big Win | Bonus Game | Dancing Drums | High Limit Slot Machine | Wynn Las Vegas

Big Win | Bonus Game | Dancing Drums | High Limit Slot Machine | Wynn Las Vegas

Our first pick of the night was Dancing Drums at Wynn Las Vegas. This bonus game was a long time coming as the past 2 trips we have not been able to get the 3 drum bonus game. Take a peek and see how this slot machine played out for us!

Another fun high limit slot machine called Dancing Drums at the Wynn Las Vegas! One of the slot machine tips I can give you is that make sure to play max bet if you’d like to win anything large inside the bonus game! Sit back, grab a drink, and hopefully you’ll win a high limit slot handpay jackpot and go home happy!!

Thanks for watching our high limit slot channel!

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  1. U hot AF

  2. You're hot

  3. Excelente game!

  4. Cool win hot lady

  5. nice

  6. I think you should stop gambling and go to New York and become a model because you are so beautiful and hot .Congrats on winning though.

  7. Your luck is amazing, what would be your minimum bankroll on a penny slot?

  8. Fuck I thought it was in thousands, until the ending disappointed me…

  9. We will finally be meeting Brian Christopher when he hits 4 Winds Casino next wknd. Watch a lot of his vids along with the Big Jackpot.

  10. Nice win! We got $350 the other night on $1.78 bet I think it was and we never get the bonus on this game.

  11. Buy her something sexy. Lol

  12. Damn you are a babe! Are you married? Who cares, I would still wine and dine you.

  13. That was pretty weak for full screen and 15 games. Hope it gets better in next game.

  14. Not bad at all and you certainly do get lucky.

  15. Love your dimple..

  16. nice hit guys gatta love it……………….

  17. Hi lady luck

  18. my favorite game. though lately they have been some stingy drums haha. Though I did the major on it in march off a 1.76 bet lol. also lucky mystery pick when ever I choose that one I always get 3 games with the regular reels.

  19. nice win! This machine whopped my butt last year in Vegas!! LOL!!

  20. That's a lousy bonus with max bet.

  21. Nice Hit! That's why they call you "Lady Luck! " Awesome Job Buddy! You Guys Enjoy and Take Care! Fantastic Video as always!

  22. You are so hot.

  23. Lady Luck nice win

  24. Nice bonus

  25. High limit???

  26. good win!!!!

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