BIG WIN + Bonus Games Galore on Lightning Link HIGH LIMIT SLOTS

BIG WIN + Bonus Games Galore on Lightning Link HIGH LIMIT SLOTS

[ad_1] We’re back at it again with some more high limit slot machine action, and this time, we’ve decided to play Lightning Link at the casino. Specifically, we’re playing Happy Lantern and Moon Race! Both games are are by the slot machine game maker Aristocrat.

What you’re going to see are a combination of free bonus games on Happy Lantern and Moon Race. You’re going to want to stick around to see all of these big wins, free bonus games, and lucky streaks on this high limit slot machine at the encore.

For a brief overview of the games we played, we placed the descriptions below:

Lightning Link™ is an electrifying set of linked games that are sure to be a hit on your casino or gaming floor. It’s Aristocrat’s first progressive range with player selectable multi-denomination that attracts players of all levels. The innovative Hold & Spin Feature will have players on the edge of their seats waiting for multiple bonuses and progressives to strike. With exciting Free Games Features, these games have something for everyone.

We will be releasing many awesome handpay jackpots from this amazing trip at the Wynn and Encore Las Vegas over the next few weeks! Sit back, relax, and hopefully you’ll enjoy some huge wins on these slot machines!!

«Who’s Getting Lucky»

This week on we’re featuring Ben! He was playing Timber Wolf Deluxe at the Red Wind #Casino in Washingoton State and he was luck enough to hit a bonus game and take home a #handpay

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