[ad_1] 5 Dragons Rapid and Buffalo Max Slot Machine Bonus at The Cosmopolitan.
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  1. Great win on 5 Dragons Rapid, it kind of remind me of 5 Dragons Gold, which I love. I'll definitely try it! Thanks for sharing Diana!!

  2. Great video as always, Diana! Hope to run into you again soon!

  3. Yucky Buffalo max…

  4. Wow…. all that to get a bonus on that buffalo max at max bet for $13.50… I thought it was just me that happened too. Better luck next time!!

  5. My local just got this game last week and so far I think it's awful. The max bet on that one is 4.00

  6. The dragons were kind to you. But u got buffalo dung on buffalo max. However, you do a great job on your videos

  7. Oh that Buffalo bonus was awful! And people wonder why I don’t like that game… lol.

  8. Thanks Diana ! Always great updates from "Where the fun happens ! " Best, Rudy

  9. There are casinos in Vegas that are $4. This make it a little more worth giving it a second try. My local is also $6 max bet. It will eat your money.

  10. Same thing happened to me when i tried that game.

  11. Just had to compliment you Diana on how well you handled that absurdly dismal Buffalo Max bonus. :<)

  12. At M Resort, max bet is $4.00 on Buffalo Max.

  13. Sorry that was so disappointing for you. I got excited when you finally got the bonus. Hopefully it will treat you with more kindness next time. Love your vids.

  14. I hate when you have to lower your bet to bonus. The only time I have had a good bonus on 1.50 would be LL. I don’t have much luck with this game at all. Thank you for sharing this new version. My experience on Buffalo Max was awful. No bonus. No line hits. Nothing.

  15. Well, the buffalo weren't roaming, but at least you met a friendly dragon 🙂

  16. Thank you so much for the shoutout!!!! You are the true Goddess of YouTube!!! Great video as always

  17. Great videos. I think the Dragons did well, the Buffalos not so much. Congrats!

  18. Thx for sharing both sides of the coins. I've been on both sides. Always wishing you lots of luck and fun. Cheers girlfriend

  19. You got ripped off on the Buffalo Max game Diana! I think Aristocrat dropped the ball on this one because I feel they need to give better incentives if you bet max, like at least 3 extra games instead of one ,and a guarantee of a 4x multiplier when 2 wild symbols show up during the bonus round. Wishful thinking on my part I guess! LOL! You did have a great win on 5 Dragons Rapid though. Best of luck to you and will be praying that everything is ok with your mom!

  20. My local casino just got Buffalo Max but I haven't tried it yet. I'll have to check and see what the bet levels are. Does seem strange for that one to jump up so high like that.

  21. That bonus was pitiful. So sorry

  22. Buffalo's slot maker getting super greedy….$2.40 to $6? Extra wilds during the game? Geesh…only saw 3 without matches. Don't think I'd look for this one. Great job on the 5 Dragons. Now I'm off to watch Sanders Slot big hit on Buffalo Max. TY…Enjoyed watching.

  23. I never get a bonus playing Buffalo


  25. "LADY DI" I think that with all of your luck and YOU only won so little, this is one that I may avoid!

  26. all star line up in he new intro!!!!!…congrats!!! I don't even bother with buffalo that much any more..only low roll on it when im bored

  27. I played Buffalo Max with Brian Christopher during his East Coast tour and your bonus does seem representative to me as well. If the stars line up I'm sure the win will be astronomical, but it's a particularly hard game. The Buffalo series in general has always been tough though. Nice win on the 5 Dragons Rapid though!

  28. Rex should have a YouTube video ….how are you diana how is your mom

  29. Buffalo game is not good!!!

  30. The 6.00 max is a sucker bet for sure. 1. Have to be 6.00 bucks a spin. 2. Hope you get bonus. 3. Hope you get buffalos/wilds. 4. Hope you get a 4x multiplier. Too many thing have to fall in place and can lost quickly….

  31. It was a Buffa-NO! Great vid as always, Diana!

  32. Good morning Diana!.. thanks for sharing video today!.. I will stay clear of buffalo max.. thanks for showing how it pays!..glad you did better on other game!.. sending love and hugs!.. your friend Bonnie!

  33. Diana are you in Vegas?

  34. From what I’ve seen too, you need to play hundreds before getting a bonus, and the bonus is horrible. I don’t think I’ll even try this one. Such a disappointment! Thanks for sharing!

  35. Hi that was good

  36. I can’t wait to try buffalo max but a $13 bonus will not cut it! Lol… Nice win on Dragons!

  37. Diana, thanks for sharing your Buffalo Max experience. That was a PSA for the rest of us to avoid it 😉

  38. I had the same experience with buffalo max. It's literally just a cash cow for the casino. Never playing it again!

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