BIG WIN! BONUS! on Celestial Sun Riches! HOT Machine!

BIG WIN! BONUS! on Celestial Sun Riches! HOT Machine!

[ad_1] My first time playing Celestial Sun Riches! The wheel feature has a lot of cool ways to win! This time I ended up with a couple Bonuses and a big win! Enjoy!!!


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  1. So do you go everyday to make a video? Or do u just upload videos from different days to have fresh content everyday?

  2. The background noise of old video keno machines has given away your location. The unmistakable sound of the El Cortez! Sit back and breathe in the Fabreeze.

  3. And that was fun to watch a beatiful girl win some on bonus 🙂

  4. Thanks Lady nice run ! more better to come your way !! — You look MARVELOUS in a tee shirt oh man oh man 🙂

  5. Enjoy your videos and streams….keep on spinning and good luck!

  6. How much you bet a day?

  7. Ha ha ha…… naahhhh.

  8. I enjoy watching your videos just to see all the different slots you play . Many we don't see in the Midwest . And Michigan casino's suck so steer clear .

  9. Awesome hit alrightttttttt

  10. Sarah even your hair looks like its all over the place you still look good . Them high demon always jacked me up quick ..

  11. creepy sun guy sounds like butthead from beavis and butthead. disturbing.

  12. Sarah!!! WOW!!!!!…$312.80. Awesome Win!!! I like that machine. Never seen that one before. Great video. Keep'em comin!!! ((((Hugs)))

  13. nice job

  14. I discovered this Celestial Sun game my last time in Vegas and it was very good to me. I was only betting $2, but still ended up with some great bonuses and lots of action. Hope I find it again when I go back.

  15. You were at El Cortez again?
    We will be there for Thanksgiving! Congrats on your winnings!

  16. Girl got game. Thumbs up!!

  17. The purple things on that machine reminded of my plant, which is now turning its flowers purple…. Nice win…

  18. hi , nice win

  19. That's how its done. 🙂 Best of luck on the next game. 🙂 🙂

  20. Uh, yeah you can go ahead and turn that one down. That laugh would creep me out…

  21. Nice win, Sarah! Thanks for another great video, as always! Love the new outro by the way!

  22. Aside from that creepy laugh which I hope doesn't give me nightmares tonight, that game really paid off for you. Congratulations.

  23. Really nice hits there. Quadruple your money.

  24. I play online slots, I only put in £50 last night and I won £800, and the night b4 that I won £400, and tonight I did the very same thing put in £50 and on just a £1 spin I won £1000. I taken a screen shot and I shared those wins on The Bandits website on his big win page. As I have said in your other videos, you definitely win more for your money on the online slots. Yes you got a chance of hitting it bug in the casinos but it's very rare.

  25. nice win, however sun guy was creepy

  26. Weird, it jumped past the first intro when I started, but when I went back, it played it. Anyway, great win!

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