BIG WIN Bonus on Razor Shark

BIG WIN Bonus on Razor Shark

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Philip played both Razor Shark and Bonanza when he got the free spins bonus on Razor Shark on a €10 bet. After of a couple of spins in the bonus feature he keeps getting seaweed, which allows for more spins, more multipliers and more connections. This is a good sign of a potential big win! [ad_2]

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  1. over reacting to every win..

  2. Wow congrats!!

  3. the printer started

  4. Why didn't you put it full screen you doughnut

  5. Great hit, congrats!

  6. Well done bro

  7. Big congrats mate

  8. Sick hit! I fear the dreaded 0x bonus hahaha, happens so much…

  9. I have never bonused this game in over 1000 spins

  10. First

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