Big Win! Buffalo Gold Slot Machine, Max Bet Bonus, Live Play, By Aristocrat!

Big Win! Buffalo Gold Slot Machine, Max Bet Bonus, Live Play, By Aristocrat!

[ad_1] Big Win! Buffalo Gold Slot Machine, Max Bet Bonus, Live Play, By Aristocrat! It took awhile to get the bonus but a win at the end, We had fun with this game and are big fans of the Buffalo slot machines, You need to give this one a try for sure!
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  1. Coming to you from the future (Aug 25, 2018) LOL. Great Buffalo run guys. Loved watching.

  2. Like a lot of these games, it’s a love hate relationship. Love watching you guys. I went back in the archives today.

  3. MGM Detroit Blows

  4. I love this game! What is up with the third reel??? I got lucky on the stampede version and they stampeded a third reel buffalo. Still, I prefer this one. Nice hit either way!!!

  5. great video! because of brian, I subscribe to your channel 🙂

  6. Da bears, Daaaa bulls lol

  7. Love the video guys keep em coming for Chicago

  8. love the commentary every second of the video and of course letting every little amount play out was wonderful great job….

  9. Just hit short of 10k on the same machine !! BUFFALOOOOOO!!!!

  10. that sucked

  11. I can't believe I missed this one! You know I love my Buffalo! Especially this one with collection! It's a tough one, but so much fun!! Great live play! I hope you guys give it another try!

  12. Nice hit guys! I keep watching everyone on youtube play and im still playing the original at the local. They have all ancient stuff

  13. That went well for the first attempt!

  14. That was a great session guys for the first attempt, congrats!

  15. Nice win. Was hoping you kept retriggering. Love you guys! Your awesome

  16. That was a really nice win, guys!!! Better than I've done on this game so far!! Congrats!!! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  17. That was a nice session! So did like those Buffalo? Thanks for sharing

  18. Tough game guys but you got a decent bonus out of it. That was a good move going to another machine.

  19. tough game, thanks for sharing, Good thing you guys switched machines 🙂

  20. Great video guys! Nice long live play! Glad you both finally got to play it! Fun! Nice bonus! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Good job guys on your first try! I have still not gotten a big win out of this game, but I keep trying. Congrats!

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